El galardonado bálsamo desodorante natural 100 % libre de plástico... ahora en 5 ml. Dura hasta 7 días.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 21 reviews
Emil C.
Best natural deodorant

I've tried a wide array of natural deodorants - this is by far the most effective and the scents are excellent.

Sarah H.
At Last! More fragrant than the person in a 70's Flake ad!

Confession time, I have always been sweatier than the average femme fatale and now I have reached a certain age where I leave tide marks on fabrics in Summer, Winter and Osteopaths have refused to touch me (even though I had just showered!) as 'I was unpleasant to the touch'. I was skeptical to say the least when I saw the ad for a free sample and thought 'what the hell, can' t be any worse' and when said sample arrived, my husband laughed as he thought it was haemorrhoid cream! Charming! It was a teeny tube and had to be smudged on by hand.... I'm a teeny tiny person but this sample has lasted me over a MONTH and it works! If I leave any kind of odour at all now, it is one of natural, essential oils not liver & onions. As a menopausal mess, the best thing I have ever done is try the free sample from AKT, it WORKS and smells Fantastic. I just need to persuade the husband that it's worth the spend now (it is, a little goes a long way!) 🤩

Blocks follicles :(

I had an After Thunder tester tube that I used for a few days and got really excited about – works as a deodorant and smells amazing, plus I have been longing for a natural & eco friendly deo option! So I went ahead and bought the full-size version...sadly after a week of using it I have loads of painful ingrown hairs in both armpits, which I've never had before! A costly mistake...and now I have read several reviews saying the same thing. I didn't even think about that being a possibility but it makes sense as it's a thick formula and has an oil content...definitely try a mini tube for a while before you spend loads on a full tube! Back to spray for me for now :(

Hi Elizabeth,

Sorry to hear this was your experience. Glad to hear you found the formulation worked though! A solution to your problem (without sounding patronising) is to fully clean your armpits in the shower/bath and to ensure you are applying fresh balm to clean underarms.

Let me know if you'd like to give it another go


Owain M.
Deodorant balm and fine fragrance in one

The deodorant balm went beyond expectations, with its ease of use, performance and fragrance. This really is a high quality product. My only critique would be that the fragrance is such that it may clash on days when you wear your favourite Eau De Parfum, so perhaps a nude scent could be added to the family. On the positive side the fragrance is high quality and lasts so on days where you don’t want to wear your usual scent you can smell fantastic wearing nothing but AKT.

Zoë A.
NEW FAVE PRODUCT, Miles better than the competition

I’ve tried various eco-friendly, refillable, recyclable, aluminium free deodorant products but I kept finding they stained my clothes, were bulky and didn’t smell that great.
I will never need to try another product now I’ve found Akt. It ticks every box!!!