August 18, 20

AKT x Selfridges

We’ve got some news to share…

We're Officially in Selfridges! 

Whilst we’ve certainly got a flair for drama (we’re actors, we can’t help it!) —you have to admit, this is pretty huge. 

When we started developing AKT, the thought of our deodorant being placed on a Selfridges shelf didn’t really cross our minds. We were too busy testing products in our kitchen and figuring out the difference between X and Y to even think about being in a store - let alone a retail icon like Selfridges. 

To say being in Selfridges is a ‘dream come true’ is an understatement—and knowing we’re there because of our commitment to sustainability, is even more exciting.

Now Playing: Project Earth 

So how’d we end up there? On Monday, Selfridges introduced their new Project Earth initiative—marking the start of a “challenging yet essential journey to completely change the way we shop and put sustainability at the heart of everything we do”.

Whilst it’s a fairly daunting task, Selfridges is committed to reinventing retail by 2025. Together with consumers, internal teammates and external business partners, they believe that “through our daily actions, we can create a more sustainable future for people and the planet.” 

As part of Project Earth, Selfridges is also committed to stocking innovative brands that champion sustainability — and one of those brands is AKT! 

"Time For Some New Material" 

By sourcing, labeling and promoting these products with Project Earth ‘Edits’—Selfridges has put a spotlight on products that are innovative, forward-thinking and sustainable—including ours. 

In case you didn’t know, AKT is completely plastic free — we promise! There’s no lamination on our packaging or plastic tape on our shipping boxes, plus our deodorant balms have fully recyclable aluminium tubes and caps. 

We don’t test on animals, and are proud to be a cruelty-free product. We only test on willing subjects (enter 1000’s of our actor and athlete friends) - so we can be 100% certain that our natural formulations perform as well as they look and smell. 

Just like Selfridges is committed to changing shoppers mindsets around sustainability, we’re committed to showing consumers that natural deodorants can be good for people and the planet - and still perform. If you think natural deodorants don’t actually work, then you haven’t tried AKT! 

Easier on You, Easier on the Earth 

Now that we’ve told you what’s great about us and Project Earth, what’s in it for you? Put simply, Project Earth makes shopping sustainably much easier.

If you’ve spent any time researching natural deodorant or “clean beauty”, you probably know that it can get pretty confusing. There are tons of options to choose from, and lots of jargon to sort through. Once you’ve finally found a product, it’s then up to you to read through their brand story, product ingredients, packaging notes and reviews. 

Now shoppers can go straight to Project Earth to find more sustainable products, and shop knowing that the brands they’re supporting are also committed to the things they value. 

By presenting consumers with a curated collection of eco-conscious options, Selfridges is shining an important spotlight on smaller brands like ours—who have the potential to make a big difference. 

See you in the Shops

With the introduction of Project Earth, Selfridges is taking the guess-work out of shopping more sustainably, and we’re so excited to be included in their journey.  We’re really proud to be a better deodorant for people and the planet, and want to shout it from the rooftops (a Selfridges shelf will also do). 

We’re grateful for the chance to be included in this project, and are committed to delivering a deodorant that was truly “Born to Perform”! 

So if you’re in London and looking for an ‘adventure’ - may we suggest a trip to see Project Earth in person? Grab your mask and head on over, we all know you’re probably sick of your flat by now. 

We’ll see you at Selfridges; no autographs please ;) 

Oh and one last behind the scenes tip: if you’re having trouble choosing between our three lovely scents, head over to the till to try a tester. Happy (sustainable) shopping!


Written by AKT London