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So impressed!! - mini tube halcyon summers

Not only does the product smell beautiful, it is easy to apply and prevents perspirations and unwanted smells! I use this every day and is even effective after an intensive workout or one of my long 13 hour shifts!! Couldn't believe how well it works, have recommended to many friends and family members. Can't wait to try different scents. Thank you AKT❤️

Best scent of them all!

Your newest scent really is the best, I’m so pleased this one came out! These deodorants are the most effective I’ve ever used, it’s just a shame they’re so expensive.

Hannah H.
Sceptical at first but super impressed

I was completely unsure at first, but I think I am converted! Feels pleasant on the skin & performs well.
Now how to make it appeal to my teenage daughter…..

Love, love, love!

Tried other well known natural deodorants before finding Akt. The scents are fantastic, and a great change from the sickly sweet smells on offer elsewhere. However, it's the fact that this actually works that will make me a repeat customer. Less sweaty, never smelly & confident. Bravo Akt! 👏

Lauren C.
SC.05 Best deodorant I’ve ever tried

I’ve tried various natural deodorants over the last 3 years and always ended up going back to anti perspirant when they fail and leave me with an unfavourable scent. This deodorant is better than any natural or regular deodorant I’ve ever tried! Leaves me smelling great after workouts and long days at work. I can’t recommend it enough. Love that it is natural, cruelty free, plastic free and smells gorgeous too

Very Nice

I bought the mini tube of the After Thunder because I was curious about the smell. I've used Nuud for a few years and it's unscented, so trying a balm with a smell, made me nervous because I'm not a fan of B.o and fragrance. Turns out, I'm obsessed 😆. Such a nice smell, easy to apply and lasts. Extra bonus is that you can recycle the tube.

Honestly excellent

I'd almost lost hope with natural deodorants but this one not only works but smells subtle and fresh, lovely to apply (I love the deoderant accessories)
So many leave you smelling like onions the following day this one works hard and keeps you fresh. Love it

Never got it

Aloha. I still have NOT received my mini tube; but this is 2nd response to follow up. Thank you but your timing needs a bit of work? Still waiting, R.I.


Have you been in touch with They will help you with this.



I adore your products.


Absolutely gorgeous scents and does a fantastic job!

Brilliant product, been using it for two years now.

Excellent deodorant balm especially now formula been updated so as easier squeezing out of tube and no oil leakage. Great to know you listen to customers suggestions and implement them Will never go back to using anything else as product really works, smells lovely, my skin loves it, THANK YOU

Gorgeous Scent and kept me super dry!

What a beautiful scent to this AKT deodorant. And really, really works. Much more than other eco friendly deodorants I’ve tried out. Have since ordered a full tube in another scent which is also gorgeous.


i have always been dubious of the effectiveness of these type of deodorants but this is fantastic! and the scents are amazing

Damn, why?

See, I did not want it to work. I bought it on a whim, when sabotaging my sleep hygiene, and when I realised I spent almost £22 on a deodorant, I was a little bit disappointed by myself. Oh well, it can’t be that good, I thought. And one-time mistake is just a part of learning process, right? Won’t buy it again and will forget.

Well, it came and I was ready to be underwhelmed. It didn’t work. No, not the deodorant; the underwhelming part didn’t work.

It does the job. Better than any other product I’ve tried (not counting the blockers here; I consider them targeted towards the specific medical needs, not the everyday use product). No need to wait before putting the clothes on; no marks on the blackest of my tops. No skin irritation - and believe me, it had the chance.

The scent - I have decided on The Onsen - is divine. It is beautiful, and for sure would make me happy if my cold, empty heart was able to feel happiness. It is fresh, yet earthy; cool, with a source of warmth in the middle. Imagine this onsen surrounded by a forest. A June evening, these moments shortly after the sunset, when parts of the sky are still cornflower blue, maybe with some shades of violet still left, but the further from where the sun disappeared it turns navy, deeper, darker, and onsets the stars. Back to the earth, forest is quite dark at the time; there is more shadow than colours. Just the pooled water still seems teal, and the fading light enhances the bright yellow of yuzu fruits bobbing lazily on water, their skin soaking warmth and water. The steam carries the citrus aroma and mixes it with earthy, green scent of the forest in the evening cool. Something like that.

Overall, I would be tempted to rebuy it for the scent alone, even if it was not a great deodorant. But it is. I still find it quite expensive for a deodorant, however, for a deodorant AND the wellbeing booster at the same time, the price is very fair. The only remaining problem is I want to try After Thunder too, but cannot bear the thought of not wearing The Onsen every waking hour of my foreseeable future.

Thank you for providing the one thing about mornings I can enjoy.


I’ve tried a few natural deodorants over the years and never found one I repeat purchased so when this one came around I’ll be honest I over looked it a few times thinking it was like all the other brands out there, till one day I was truly fed up with sprays and decided to try AKT the price wasn’t wild like some out there so that was a bonus and kept me going past the ‘basket’ page… the fragrances too were something that appealed I love a good lavender and the fact you can purchase a small trial pack had me sold what have I got to lose with a teeny tiny trial pack that I believe was on a free delivery offer or just pay delivery offer, when it arrived I was super Impressed at the packing the colours were deep, rich and vibrant and the metal packaging was sturdy and you could feel it’s worth. I opened the tube with ease and the fragrance was beautiful not too pungent but enough to ooze relaxing thoughts, giving it a go I was expecting greasy textures that would be hard to dry out but was pleasantly surprised to find the mixture thicker than expected I half wondered if it was going to exfoliate as it’s really thick and has that texture but it didn’t it applies really smooth and sinks deep into the skin very quickly, it doesn’t leave any sticky or wet feeling it dries into the skin beautifully and leaves my under arms feeling lovely and moisturised with a nice strong but not over powering fragrance, all I worried about now was would the deodorant actually work all day I’m used to super duper 48hour protection gym and sports worthy sprays that dry out the arms and air around me so this had something to live up to and I can be picky. First day it was applied I was willing to allow around a week for the formula to work on my skin to give the full protect but I have to say it worked from the minute it was applied each day I was fresh and felt no need to reapply like I do with previous sprays during the day after activity or after showering. The biggest difference I noticed was when my trial pack ran out (which lasted me longer than expected) and I had to wait for delivery of the full sized tube which I ordered so quick after being super happy with the results, on those few days without AKT I noticed the difference as I didn’t use sprays either and I certainly didn’t feel fresh or fragrant I would have needed several spray applications throughout the day.
I am now a subscriber to this magic toothpaste style tube of wonderment and I won’t be looking elsewhere for a replacement anytime soon. I’m a moderately active woman in her very very early 40’s perimenopausal who definitely needs deodorant to cope with the days activities looking after a autistic/ADHD preteen and I too have mobility disabilities …. All I need is one single application first thing in the morning and I’m set for the rest of the day even if I shower mid way through the day I’ve noticed my arms are still protected till the next day often if I forget the next day I’m actually good (not great but good) my arms have never been so moisturised or felt so soft, I currently use my hands to apply so might invest in the little application gadget which I have to say is my only criticism of the entire company and yes I am reaching for a criticism and that is that the application gadget is a bit expensive maybe a lower grade product for those of us that Penny pinch the product I don’t doubt is well made with the best materials but I like something cheaper … oh also my dog and cat (Luna and Callie) wanted to also add to this review how happy they are I made the switch from sprays as they both hated the stench of the sprays and would sit sneezing and walk off in protest after each spray throughout the day they both no longer sneeze nor walk away from me even instantly after application they are not bothered by the fragrance on my hands immediately after application before I wash them so you have the seal of approval from pups 🐶 and moggies 🐈
Thank you you now have a loyal follower for life (aka new stalker)


Finally a natural deodorant that works and doesn’t break me out. Smells great too.

Amazing product

Pretty and eco friendly packaging, and it works!

Sc. 05

Love love love this deodorant, the new Sc. 05 is amazing. The smell is gorgeous!!!

Excellent customer service

Not only a great product but a great company to deal with. Top class customer service. Thank you!

Class Act !

I was recommended this by someone who has been with it since the beginning, from the initial crowd fund. I love the whole package, perfume, sustainability and no nasties like most deodorants.

Very very good so far

I’m kind of amazed really that this is a natural product. My pits remain mainly dry and smelling fresh the whole working day. Much better than the best chemical based antiperspirant I’d tried and no damage to clothing.
This product is pretty awesome! Interested in seeing how long a tube lasts now as it’s not cheap but so far so good, only need a tiny bit for each armpit.
Well done AKT 👏

Subtle and effective!

I just tried SC. 04 for the first time after using the original 3 scents for the last 2 years. If you’re someone who wants a more subtle scent with the same long lasting effect against sweat and BO, this is the one to go for!
Though it’s more subtle from SC. 1-3, you still get an amazing smell with an air of freshness from the mint and tomato vine. I’ve actually received more compliments on how I smell from this one than most other deodorants I’ve ever used! “Fresh” and “spicy” were the adjectives given ;)

Best deodorant I've ever used

FINALLY I find a decent deodorant that smells lush and doesn't leave me feeling sticky and gross. And it seems to last forever - result! My daughter loves it too.

Excellent item

Been searching for a new deodorant for years now. I’ve been using Biosen but go through it like no tomorrow. I came upon AKT somehow and I was a bit sceptical at first but decided to try it. I’m not disappointed it’s soo good! Not even half way through the tube yet I’ve got the purple one smells nice and divine! I’m subscribed so getting a different one next time good value for money too.

Lovely but....

I feel like this is a game changer, I've tried a couple of different brands of natural deodorant but this one really seems the best so far. However, when paying £19 for a deodorant, it might be nice to have
the 'assistant' key included. To charge a separate £9 for this is extortionate, in my opinion.