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It really does do exactly what is says!

Love this. No more sweaty gym days. Just sweet smelling pits all day long and I am contributing to a healthier planet. :)


Took a minute to get the hang of the application. Now that I have I’m obsessed. After 2 weeks the mini tube is still going. Definitely value for money.

Best smelling pits

One of the only deodorants that actually works for me and for my husband, that smells divine and whose packaging make me feel guilty. I love it ✅

The Starter Set
Joanne H.
So nice to finally find a natural product that works!

For a long time I had to rely on mitchum as the only deodorant that worked for me! I tried other popular brands of natural, refillable deodorants and they never worked for me. But now I wake up the next day and can still smell my deodorant on me! I lift my arms through the day and get a waft of its scent and a sweaty day of housework does not is effectively managed. Very pleased.

The Starter Set
Georgia f.

The Starter Set

I love it!!

This is hands down the best deodorant I have ever bought, it smells amazing!

The Starter Set
Sophie M.

I've been using the started set for about a month and I can confidently say I'll be a permanent convert - really impressed with the deodorant and the eco-friendly system. I'd love it if you guys could see your way to making a toothpaste as well, but the deodorant is a great addition to my eco-conscious efforts!

Intriguingly scented

We are totally impressed with this product. My wife has even taken out a subscription so we don’t run out. Stops embarrassing perspiration marks and all of the products have a long lasting and tantalising scent.

Love love love ❤️

I bought this with skepticism but I’ve been blown away with you product. It’s kept me feeling fresh all day fresher than dove, sure and Mitchum’s. I’ve been converted to AKT. one thing I would change if the price was slightly lower. Thank you for a great and safe product. Xx


A repeat purchase of AKT - went for this scent this time. It's really good!

It actually works!

I’ve struggled to find a natural deodorant that really works, but this one does. Love it, will be buying again (something I can’t say for other natural deodorants)

Perfect performance!

I've tried The Onsen and After Thunder so far, and have fallen completely in love with both scents. I really like that they are 'genderless' scents as I tend not to go for overly floral perfumes. My partner and I have been sharing these deodorants and they've still lasted a long time. The scent lasts throughout the day, stops me feeling sweaty, and it's all natural! I don't think I'll ever stop using these deodorants!

Love the smell

These smell amazing and they do the job. They are also recyclable! What else could you ask for?


Finally found a natural deodorant that works for me. Perfect 🤩

Fabulous deodorant

This is my second purchase, as I now have a subscription.
I have to say I’m so impressed with this deodorant.
It worked brilliantly, while on a trekking and via ferrata hioliday in Italy. I could still feel the deodorant and smell it, at the end of a very physical day!

Outstanding performance

Cannot rate AKT Halcyon Summers highly enough. I took the mini tube away with me on holiday to Zante it was just brilliant. Smells amazing, worked effectively all day and that tiny little tube lasted all week. I am a convert to this fabulous product.

Can't believe how good it is!

I've been putting off switching to a cream based deodorant because I didn't think it'd suit me or work well enough. I'm convinced. Totally converted

Not the cheapest, but by far the best

I can honestly say this is the best deodorant made with natural ingredients I have ever tried. And I have tried many!
It’s a bit pricey, but one tube would last me for quite a long time, so totally worth it!

Mind blowing

I didn’t know deodorant could be this good. I had to try it to believe the hype. Hats off to AKT! The dispenser method of a tube is a bit different at first but it also makes it really good for travel and is way less bulky than a spray can. Effective for a long time and genuinely doesn’t stain clothes.

I’d ideally like some different application methods in addition to the tube but the product speaks for itself.


Cannot rate this deodorant enough, smells like a spa (the purple one). I’ve used a refillable natural deodorant for years but never felt the confidence and dryness that i do with this one. So glad i gave it a go.

Stunning scents and performance like no other

Even after using these deodorants for a few years, I sometimes still can’t believe how well they perform! After a lifetime of not finding anything that worked for me, I’m still surprised that it’s not a worry anymore and that I can just feel normal every day. Thank you!

A deodorant that works!

I've tried a few deodorants recently because I've reached a certain age when the sweats kick in! Most have not worked in controlling odour but this one has even when I'm exercising. I'm really happy that this is environmentally friendly as that's something I now look for in a product.

Best deodorant!

Just back from a week in Malta walking in 30+ degree temperatures. This deodorant exceeded expectations and never once did I feel conscious of unwanted odours. I will definitely be starting a subscription and look forward to trying all the different variations.

Where Have You Been All My Life 🙌

Best Thing Since Sliced Bread 👌

It actually works!

The only deodorant I've tried of this nature that works. Easy to apply, smells amazing but not over powerful. A small pea sized amount for each armpit is plenty enough. I also rock climb and other deodorants that claim the same have not worked for me, but AKT leaves me dry and smelling fresh! Amazing product!!