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Love After Thunder!

Love the scent and find it is effective as a deodorant. I have the winding tool and apply with my finger. Also essential that it is recyclable vegan and cruelty free

Rachel C.
A gem

Having being diagnosed with breast cancer,I was searching for a deodorant with nothing horrible that actually worked. Thrilled to say I found exactly what I wanted I AKT. My journey through radiotherapy was much sweeter,I'm definitely a new found fan xx

Hello Rachel

We are so pleased to hear that AKT is exactly what you needed at this time.
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Never thought it would work as well as it does, for a product so natural! Have tried so many different deodorants and usually have to resort to those strong ones that stain clothing etc. But this is incredible! I love the neroli, orange smell too! Would love a shower product and EDP/cologne at some point too please.

Beautiful formula

Love how it smells and how it protects my skin from sweats. Love that is multi usage all over your body.

Love this

Amazing product!

I wasn’t too sure on this deodorant balm considering it was more expensive than previous deodorants I’ve used. An offer came up so I decided to try it and I have to say I’m now hooked. It really does work, the tube lasts about 3 months and I love the smell (I went for orange grove). Six months in using it and I’m really pleased with the results - I have a toddler and often have to run around after her and using AKT I don’t sweat and just love the smell. Excellent product and highly recommend using it!

Excellent pack

Marvellous way to purchase you excellent products

The Starter Set
Grace S.I.
Love the scent!

This smells amazing and works like a dream! It will last for ages too.

Love it

Love the discreet smell which warms to your body and smells natural. Lasts all day - just love it!


This has got to be the best natural deodorant I’ve ever used I’ve used many in the past but nothing beats this leaves me dry smelling fresh and no stains all day!!!

No False Promises

This product delivers on every single aspect on which it makes a claim. Smells great, feels great, and doesn’t damage your clothes. Excellent product.

Love the scent!

This is the second scent I’ve tried, both yummy so I’m looking forward to trying the others too - although it could take me years as both tubes are practically full despite the face I’ve been using daily for months!

An excellent product!

Having tried other natural deodorants I was keen to find one that doesn’t leave itself all over my clothes, and having spotted lots of AKT ads and reviews claiming this as a feature, I decided to give it a go. I have not been disappointed! Other natural deodorants have left large clumps in the armpit areas of my clothing, but AKT has really stood up to this test after two weeks of using so far. Combined with the quality of the product itself and the great packaging, it’s been a total winner. I also love the genderless approach to the scents and marketing, so a double thumbs up for that too. Thanks Ed and Andy!

Love this product!!

I’ve been using AKT for quite a while now. It is real quality and so much nicer than the standard Roll one and deodorant sprays. Better for the environment and better for my skin. What’s not to love. Also it last ages!!

Very useful

The assistant allows me to get every last bit of my favourite deodorant out of the tube!

Great First Impression

The detail in the presentation, adherence to sustainable measures and notion it actually works without staining clothes attracted me to AKT. I was impressed as soon as I opened the box. It is a beautiful product; both the Deodorant Balm tube itself and the Assistant. It also smells amazing and is applied easily.

Time will tell how effective this product is for me of course. If it passes a few good tests in the gym and long days in a suit, then you will have a very loyal customer.

Thanks for creating such a great product.

Been using >6 months and no going back

Not only is AKT super effective for me, my partner made the switch too. It’s gentle, it doesn’t give me the rash other natural deodorants have - while making sure I never smell. It’s a fully recyclable tube and lid, the scents are all lush and a tube lasts for ever. I think we’re on maybe our 4th with both of us using it every day for 9 months - where before I’d go through a stick of w**d every month/six weeks by myself. So two people, 3 tubes, 9 months - the saving for us and for the planet is 🤌

The best!

Great way to try different scents. I had resisted buying the ‘the assistant’ before now but it is a total game changer and makes sure you get every last bit of product out of the tube.


What to say really ! Read reviews and thought “yeah right!” But wow was I proved wrong. I’m a menopausal overweight woman and I must say since using these I real more confident, I even tried dabbing some on my upper lip and forehead as I didn’t want my makeup sliding off my face during a hot flush and to my surprise - I stayed dry !! All I’ve got to say is BLOODY BRILLIANT BOYS !!!! And thank you


I was sceptical about trying this product as all others have not worked but wow I'm gonna be buying this forever thanks guys

Finally found a natural deodorant that works!

My friend told me about AKT after I’d told her no natural deodorant has ever worked on me. I had low hopes but have been amazed how well AKT works - sweat and odour free even hiking. I would highly recommend.


I’ve been struggling with deodorant for so long! I was honestly a little apprehensive at the price at first but thought why not try it. It works incredibly! Smells beautiful too!

Was not expecting that!

Loved the products! Did know that I would love the texture and performance so much! Will be buying some more and will even go on a subscription!

Skeptical but so impressed!

I was skeptical at first- being BO-free all day long? Impossible. But it really works! I made sure to do multiple sniff tests throughout each day and no bad body odour at all even on a stressy,sweaty interview day!

Loved by @middleagedme

The BEST deodorant out there. I can wholeheartedly say this deodorant doesn’t disappoint. It’s the best I have ever purchased. I wouldn’t buy anything else now.