October 08, 21


AKT x Intermissions are teaming up to provide you with a site-wide discount. Book your place to watch Intermissions: Episode Onewhere the code will be announced.

The Intermissions project was created by West End star Alice Fearn, who wanted to bring theatre to people at home during lockdown. Especially after all theatres dramatically shut down with the rest of the world. Each episode is from a different part of the pandemic. We start with a live broadcast from her very own beautiful garden and ending back home in a majestic West End theatre when the world began to reopen.

All episodes will appear together for the first time, including their fabulous Christmas Special and the never before seen Intermissions Live!, filmed at the Vaudeville Theatre this Spring. Featuring a mix of chat and music, Intermissions boasts appearances from some of your favourite west-end stars including Sam Tutty, Samantha Barks, Shan Ako, and our very own… Andy Coxon!

stream.theatre is a joint venture between ROYO and BROADWAY ON DEMAND combined to provide you with expertise in streaming technology, theatre producing and rights licensing to create the world’s first digital venue. They’re teaming up with Intermissions where Alice Fearn will bring the entire Intermissions series to stream.theatre this autumn.  

You can book to view one of their live streams here.

Check out Alice and Andy’s interview about the story behind AKT and how coronavirus affected the theatre industry.

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