August 25, 23


Autumn is fast approaching (but if you’re in the UK, let’s face it, our British Summer has felt rather like Autumn!) and here at AKT we like to be intentional about those shifts between seasons.

It’s a chance to change up our fragrance, discover a new routine and let go of old habits that no longer serve us.

Not sure what changes to make? Here are some suggestions from the AKT team.


A good sleep routine is so important to our well being. With evenings getting darker earlier we can use the natural changes in the season to reset our circadian rhythm and get some much needed rest. Studies show that when we are exposed to lower lighting we kick start our sleep signals. Embrace the dark, light some candles (maybe even use the Lantern) and turn off the big light to increase your melatonin and you’ll fall asleep faster. Sweet dreams.


As much as we need darkness to sleep we also need that extra vitamin D boost in the autumn and winter months. Consider investing in a SAD lamp to help you wake up naturally and give you that extra boost you might need. (You could also try using SC.01 Orange Grove to keep that zest going all day long!)


As we inevitably end up spending more time indoors why not investigate making your home ready for the change of season. Look at draught excluders or insulation for your home. Not only does it give hygge vibes it’s also better for the planet.


Who says that we have to only set resolutions at the beginning of the year? Why not implement new habits or even attempt something for the very first time? Always wanted to try playing squash? Go for it! Hike a new trail? Bring it on! And with AKT by your side you can put it to the ultimate test.


We are spoilt for choice at the supermarket but perhaps this autumn you could try seeking out foods that are in season. Not only is it better for the environment to eat locally sourced produce, it can also change up your usual menu. Aubergines come into season in the UK in September and make a great addition to curries, bakes and warm salads. Just don’t send your mum the eggplant emoji when you tell her what you got from the farmer’s market!


Of course autumn is the perfect time to discover which AKT fragrance you want to help you ease into the season. We’d recommend SC.02 After Thunder or SC.03 The Onsen for those deeply luxurious self care moments. 

Now you’ve got some ideas you can step into the autumn season ready to tackle anything that comes your way. Even if that’s snuggling with a good book and watching the rain fall.


Written by AKT London