July 21, 23

Holiday Heroes (whilst also doing your bit for the planet!)

With vacation season approaching, some of us are already packed. At AKT, plastic free is a non-negotiable, but it’s hard to come by. With so few plastic free items available we know the next best thing is to reduce single use plastic where you can. Here are our favourite six plastic reduced products to add to your suitcase before you go:

These Plimsoll hexagonal sunnies just ooze sophistication. No pictures please!


SPF is essential and this one from FORAH is effective AND fully recyclable.


These Typology solid cleansers won’t take up any precious liquid space in your carry on and they smell DIVINE.


These CDPL swim briefs are made from repurposed landfill and ocean waste. Reusing never looked so good.


This ceramide face oil from Pai is the perfect companion for your skin after a day in the sun.


From facetheory : A moisturiser and an SPF all in a luxurious whip? Sold!



Of course you can’t forget to pack your favourite AKT Deodorant Balm to keep you feeling dry all day long. And we’re completely plastic free and proud of it! Which scent are you taking on your next trip?

July marks Plastic Free Month. Since 2011, millions have joined the movement in an effort to reduce their single use plastics. The Beauty Industry creates over 120 million units of plastic packaging a year and, here at AKT, we knew we couldn’t be part of the problem. It’s been a challenge being plastic free but no one said doing the right thing was going to be simple!

Knowing how hard it is to create plastic free products so we want to give a round of applause to all the brands who are trying to do the same. You’re playing your role and it makes a difference. Be the change you want to see in the world and all that!

This Plastic Free July is a great excuse to hold ourselves accountable but with standout products like these it doesn’t need to feel so effortful.

Happy Holidays!

Written by AKT London