January 22, 21

How to Make the Switch to Natural Deodorant

What is Natural Deodorant?

Whilst the word natural is often tossed around as a generic term, we’re serious about sticking to an all natural ethos. It’s not just marketing here at Akt. 

When we say natural, this means that our formula was developed with naturally derived ingredients and active botanicals. From the fragrances to the actual deodorant balm, we’ve used ingredients that come directly from florals and other plants. 

From Coconut Oil to Shea Butter, we’ve used simple, nourishing, and natural ingredients to formulate Akt’s unique “Deo-Barrier Complex™ — which does the hard work of keeping you smelling fresh and feeling dry all day with just one application. 

Why Switching to Natural Deodorants is a Good Idea

Firstly, we’re not trying to scare consumers into switching to a more natural deodorant. If you’ve spent time searching for an aluminium-free deodorant or googled something like “best deodorant for men” you may have seen some concerning information floating around. Yes, there have been studies, press coverage and experts who purport to link deodorant with cancer and other health issues - but there has been no definitive consensus on the subject. 

Until there is a definitive answer on that from the medical community, scientists and/or experts in a relevant field, we will confidently and happily wear our Akt knowing that its natural, effective ingredients don’t carry any hidden risks. Plus, our nourishing, natural ingredients work just as well, if not better (according to some converts!) than a traditional high-street antiperspirant deodorant.  

What to expect 

If you’re thinking about switching to Akt, here’s what you can expect. Firstly, it’s pretty different from any standard antiperspirant you may have used in the past like a Dove, Sure, Lynx — which is to be expected. 

However, Akt deodorant balms are also quite different from other aluminium-free deodorant or natural deodorant options on the market today. 

Here are the seven key differences we think you may notice: 

  1. Formula: Our special deodorant balms took 3 years to develop. They’re not a solid like most deodorants, and are meant to be applied (and feel like) a moisturizer. 
  2. Price: The initial price of Akt may be a bit higher than you’d expect, but if you’ve ever heard the phrase, "buy cheap, buy twice" — it definitely applies here. Our high-quality ingredients are nourishing, natural and super effective, so you won’t need to do that whole “try a million natural deodorants to find one that works thing” with us.  Akt deodorant balms are also small but mighty. They’re designed to last around 2-3 months if applied in a small, pea sized amount once per day. So yes, your £3 Boots deodorant might be cheaper at first, but it may only last you a few weeks, and may cause some serious harm to your clothes. If you’ve ever had to toss a white t-shirt after a few wears, then you know what we’re talking about.
  3. Packaging: Akt comes in a tube, kind of like toothpaste. It’s made of aluminium (the metal that you’d find in a Coke can, not aluminium salts) and 100% recyclable, so when you’re done, don’t forget that part!
  4. Opening the tube: You’ll also need to pierce the tube before your first use with something you have at home. A pencil, chopstick or pen all work great. We’re all about reducing and reusing. See image below
  5. Application: Apply once a day to clean, dry skin. We find that this works best for most of our users. But feel free to reapply as needed. Remember, less is more, start with a pea sized amount of balm for each pit. If you use more, it will have a harder time soaking right into your skin (and doing its job!). PS for those interested in purchasing The Applicator - check out this video to learn more. It's absolutely not necessary to buy one, but we do love applying our Akt that way. It's like getting a mini massage every morning! 
  6. Scent: Warning, you may experience an immediate addiction to our scents. They took 2 years to create, and are probably pretty different than anything you’ve tried. We aim for a premium fragrance vs. something you would find in another product, so you’ll most likely never smell anything like our balms. Who needs cologne or perfume? You trendsetter you. 
  7. Sweat: As we’ve mentioned a few times (sorry for those who are paying attention, we sound like a broken record) Akt is a deodorant balm, not an antiperspirant. This means that our balms aren’t designed to block sweat. They’re packed with nourishing ingredients that’ll help keep you dry, but because we’re not clogging up your pores, you may still experience some sweat. Embrace it! It’s natural, and if it’s not coming out of your pits - who wants all of that trapped inside their bodies?! Not us. 


    Here are a few other things you might not know we do: 

    • No plastic, ever
    • 100% recyclable packaging 
    • Local UK manufacturing whenever possible 
    • Fragrances are all pure essential oils
      • We don’t use no synthetic ingredients or fillers that often go into the ambiguous “fragrance” in other products 

    From the premium, carefully crafted fragrances to the nourishing, natural ingredients like Shea Butter, Calendula Oil, and Diatomaceous Earth that go into our formulas — you can be confident that the things in your deodorant are high-quality, natural and safe. 

    As you start your natural deodorant journey, you’ll have a lot of choices to make when it comes to ingredients, benefits, efficacy, packaging, brands and more. We’re so glad you’re considering a switch. We might be biased, but we think our plastic-free, aluminium-free, cruelty-free, vegan, natural and actually effective deodorant balms might be a good place to start.



    Written by AKT London