September 30, 21

International Podcast Day With AKT

If you are a podcast listener, you may be aware that it’s International Podcast Day; a celebration of the greatness that podcasts bring to the world. In light of this, we want to join the party and share a list of all our favourite podcasts.

1. The Kindness Economy

“The Kindness Economy” is great because we’re able to capture the business gems and insights that the podcast provides. One particular favourite is their “Fashioning a Greener Future” episode where Mary speaks to Edzard van der Wyck, the Sheep Inc co-founder, about owning a business with zero emissions, zero harm and zero waste. Something we, here at AKT, take very seriously when it comes to production. Check out their latest episode here

2. Sustainable(ish)

The (ish) suggests that you don’t have to go all out and become a “dreadlocked 1990s environmental activist, fond of chaining themselves to diggers and/trees” but doing your part, bit-by-bit, to make a change. We love Sustainable(ish) because every single one of us on the team is aiming to make a change; and a great start is by using our natural AKT balms. Their most recent episode about climate action can be found here.

3. Happy Place

Where is your happy place? For us, it’s at Fearne Cotton’s “Happy Place” podcast. She interviews some amazing people and discusses the relatable peaks and troughs of life and everything in-between as they talk about what happiness means to them. The Earthrise episode is one of our favourites because it explores the personal anxieties that climate change causes, and helps us twist the thought into how exciting the new technologies are going to be.

4. Climate Curious

We love the “Climate Curious” podcast because we want to make a difference. This podcast covers the climate emergency by speaking to the world’s leading and most relatable climate pioneers. It also covers the existing hindrances to the climate fight and informs its listeners of how we can all make a difference, bit by bit. Tune in to their most recent episode here.

5. The Diary Of A CEO with Steven Bartlett 

Not only is “The Diary Of A CEO” a great listen, but it is such a great source of inspiration to us. Considering our unique and unlikely journey from theatre into the entrepreneurs they are today. In a similar way, Steven went from a “broke, university dropout” to “29-year-old ex CEO of one of the UK’s fastest growing companies''. Steven interviews different entrepreneurs and reveals the true steps it takes to optimise your skills and knowledge in business. Listen to the most recent episode here.

We’ve also been quite active in the podcast world. Recently, they had an interview with The Convex Conversation, where we spoke about how we went from concocting deodorant formulations on the hob in our old flat, to launching a bold, award winning natural deodorant balm that continues to wow beauty editors and customers today. Have a listen here. 


Written by AKT London