May 09, 23

Making the Switch to Natural Deodorant

With the rise of natural deodorants like AKT, more and more people are making the sustainable switch from traditional antiperspirants.



Most of us know that antiperspirants use aluminium salts (aluminium chlorohydrate) in order to block your pores to stop you sweating. Some believe this to be harmful although experts say there isn’t enough evidence to support this. Antiperspirants use aluminium salts to block sweat glands. While this may sound useful, sweating is a natural bodily function that helps cool us down — the cooler you are, the less you’ll sweat. Yes, we know, you don’t want to sweat too much, but a little bit is okay! Natural deodorants, like AKT’s The Deodorant Balm, use sweat absorbing powders like arrowroot and diatomaceous earth, which sit on top of the skin to absorb sweat rather than blocking your pores.

Antiperspirants are often in aerosols. Aerosols are now the largest contributor to air pollution ahead of vehicles, in the UK. The main ingredients are propellants — propellants, alcohol, fragrance and aluminium chlorohydrate. Not particularly inspiring. Not particularly good for your skin.



Some people, who have already converted to a natural deodorant, might tell you that it can take about two to four weeks for your body to adjust. Some may experience increased sweating, others more odour, whereas some experience the game-changing effects right off the bat (which is most common for AKT users)! THIS IS NORMAL. So if you're experiencing the former, push through and don't let it be a turning point!  Your body is simply releasing all those years of blocked up sweat glands — dirt, aluminium salts, bacteria. Ew. The transition period is only temporary - and your body will thank you!



If you’re experiencing the “transition” here are some ways to ease the process:

 1. Use an armpit mask
A mask, applied to the armpit, which contains charcoal or clay will help to unclog pores and draw out toxins. This can help to short the transition process. There are even specific “pit masks” available on the market — but a face mask does the same job.

 2. Wear breathable clothing
Sweating is exacerbated by synthetic fibres, so opt for cotton, linen or bamboo to keep you feeling fresh.

 3. Wash it out
It sounds obvious, but taking regular hot showers or baths will encourage your pores to open and release all those trapped “toxins” quicker.

 4. Drink plenty of water
Staying hydrated flushes your system faster. Plus your skin will look much better, and you’ll feel great.

Once you’ve made it out the other side you’ll be feeling much fresher. Dry armpits will be the new norm. Not only that — you'll have successfully made the switch to a natural, healthier deodorant. Your skin is happy. Mother Earth is even happier.

Written by AKT London