January 15, 24

Tackle the January Blues with the AKT Team.

There’s no denying it: getting through January can be a struggle. The holidays are behind us; we are staring down the barrel of the core winter months and the next bank holiday is at the end of March.



We all have our own ways of getting through those January Blues and this year the gorgeous AKT team are sharing their personal secrets of how to survive the coming weeks. 

AKT’s Co-founder Andy kicks us off, “January can be the saddest and slowest month of the year, so I always try to fill it with things to look forward to. Get things booked in to look forward to, even if it's just going for drinks with a friend or having a movie night and a takeaway!” It’s the little things that can transform your day. We like to call it CASUAL MAGIC. 

His Co-founding partner Ed agrees, “I have nice things to look forward to that take me out of my usual routine. I have booked an art gallery tour, a hike in the forest, a massage, and special dinners in new restaurants. I am still tempted to fly somewhere sunnier though for a week!” 

Prioritising you can be in big ways or small ways. Sometimes it’s about treating yourself and sometimes it’s prioritising what you need. Maybe it’s saying ‘no’ to those plans you didn’t want to make anyway. 

Our operations manager Lizzie has the same idea, “I like to sign up to a new gym maybe or set a goal like booking onto a 10k run or half marathon. Something exciting to make me look forward to showing up week on week.” Ed also added, “It helps that my gym has a sauna and a swimming pool, so it feels like a spa each time!”. Moving your body is such a good way to make sure you’re keeping those blues at bay. A walk in nature can really clear your head and get or heart pumping. 

Our digital marketing manager Lou likes to reflect on the year just gone, “ I love to take a look back at the year, think about the things I am grateful for and the things I could have done differently, and prepare an action plan for the year ahead.” Gratitude can play an important role in how we view our lives and reveal to us what really matters to us. 

Our marketing coordinator, Ben, likes to stay occupied, “ I like to keep my brain active, picking up a new book or even attempting the adult paint-by-numbers I got for Christmas.” Say it with me “COSY HOBBIES!” now is the perfect time to start the craft project by candlelight.

Our designer Elliot likes to make sure his space reflects his mindset, “I feel so much more relaxed and energised when I have a tidy space, and as we know, January is the time for a restart or refresh. I like to do a big clean and organise especially after decorations come down. It's my time to deep clean the house and rearrange furniture, plants, and ornaments so the space feels refreshed.” Who says a spring clean has to be in spring?! Refresh your space, refresh your attitude!

Well, there you have it! I don’t know about you but I’m actually looking forward to January now. How many will you add to your list? 

However you decide to get through the next few months we hope that you get to prioritise YOU. 


Written by AKT London