April 12, 24



Award season is almost over, so it’s time to celebrate those exceptional members of our Cast who advocate for better deodorant. We held our first annual AKT Awards last year (has it really been a year already?!) and we have even more to celebrate this time around. Looking back, we've gone further and achieved more than we ever expected, and that's all down to our loyal customers who can't help but make us look good.

In order to celebrate our community, we teamed up with leading sustainable brands, including Lululemon, Neal’s Yard, Love Raw, Rambert, Nini Organics, Third Space, Mantra, REN, Nicky Clarke, and Ecologi, who were so kind as to sponsor the awards and reward our winners with gorgeous goodies. Ecologi has even pledged to plant 25 trees per winner in AKT’s trackable forest. A huge thank you for your stellar contributions!

True to our origin story, Ed & Andy wanted to present the AKT Awards in style and returned to their roots by visiting the West End. This year, they were proud to make The Ambassadors Theatre their home for the day. Of course, that isn’t all; this year, we had to take it one step further as each award winner will be announced by the cast of a different West End show!

So, without further ado, here are the nominations:

The Stage Door Award
This award celebrates those who have celebrated us—a little 'tit for tat', if you will! The nominees were fiercely passionate, but we have one clear winner.

This person has avidly liked and commented on every story on our socials, and for that dedication, we applaud you.

The winner is…


Elena (and her 10-year-old daughter!) have been AKT ambassadors for some time and had this to say:

The Creator Award
This award is dedicated to those who create remarkable content that showcases our deodorant in a way that looks as good as it feels to use. With our community being so savvy on socials, it was hard to narrow it down, but our winner went above and beyond.

The winner is…


Richard took this award to new heights (literally!) and we couldn't get enough of his Mount Everest adventure. Here’s what he had to say:

The Critic Award
This award highlights an exceptional wordsmith who shared their experience of AKT in a riveting review. We’ve received more reviews than we ever expected, but there was one AKT review that STOLE THE SHOW…

This talented reviewer shared their story with real candour. We’re so glad AKT has made a difference in her life.

And the winner is...


Victoria runs a microbrewery and likes to keep her customers hydrated, not her underarms!

The Spotlight Award

A new category for 2024, this award celebrates the most referrals made. Cast Members who share the magic of AKT are our favourite kind of people, but there was one person who just couldn’t keep it to themselves.

The winner is…


Christabel referred 10 friends - now that’s sharing the love!

The Standing Ovation Award
This award applauds one of our AKT-ers (see what we did there?!) who has made the most purchases. So many of you like to advocate for deodorant that does the work for you, but there could only be one who took home the prize.

The winner is…


Watch the good news here: 

The Encore Award

This award gives a salute to our longest subscriber. We know our Cast Members are the most devoted in the business, but you can’t beat the OG subscriber.

The winner is…


Drew maintains his subscription streak and hasn’t wavered a day. He is the winner for a second year running and sung AKT’s praises for our new products this year. 

The People’s Choice Award

Exactly what it says on the tin: The CHOICE of the people! You’ve been voting to get your favourite fragrance to knock last year’s winner, SC.02, off the top spot. SC.05 put up a good fight, but this year’s winner is…


This remains the people’s favourite with its complex scents of Cedar, Eucalyptus, and Orange. Have you tried the people’s choice yet?


That’s a wrap for the 2024 AKT Awards! Congratulations to all our winners, and thank you to our AKT community who advocate for the UK natural deodorant that WORKS. In our eyes, you’re all winners, and we love to see the impact that AKT has on your everyday lives. So keep tagging us @akt_ldn, and who knows, maybe you’ll be next year’s winner!

And finally, one last thank you to our wonderful sponsors for this year's awards:

Written by AKT London