March 16, 21


Forget makeup, tanning drops or perfume – an alcohol-free deodorant stick should be your go-to item in your grooming kit. It’s there for all those times you want to make a good impression on a date, workout in the gym (remember those?) or simply stay fresh. But do you know what goes into your deodorant or how to stop those irritating stains on your clothes? 

We didn’t know much about any of this either, until we started making our own aluminium and alcohol-free deodorant for men and women (Akt is made for all genders). But before we get into that, let’s dive a little deeper into what we found out about alcohol and aluminium in deodorants.

Alcohol is harsh on the skin (think Miranda Priestly but underneath your armpit)

alcohol free deodorant

We don’t know about you, but we’ve got enough drama in our lives. The last thing we need is a drama under our pits. We can all agree that deodorants are here to help us on our mission to block sweat and prevent armpit odour. But some do it in friendlier ways than others. In some deodorants, alcohol is used to dry out the product quickly and stop any smell by killing off bacteria. 

But alcohol can be really harsh for sensitive skin, particularly sensitive areas like your underarms. It can leave skin feeling, irritated, reddish, or covered with a rash – basically like the hangover you hope you never have.

It’s time to get rid of aluminium

aluminium free deodorant

Aluminium is a common active ingredient in lots of antiperspirants. It works by blocking your  sweat glands to minimise perspiration. While that might seem all hunky-dory, it can actually be pretty bad for your body when it’s in there. 

There have been lots of studies to investigate links between breast cancer and aluminium-based deodorants, as well as other health problems such as Alzheimer’s. While this is all serious research, some of it is inconclusive. But why take the risk with these products when there are plenty of other options without either alcohol or aluminium?

It’s okay, we’ve got the solution: alcohol and aluminium free deodorant

You can be kind to your body and use a natural deodorant to stop smell and prevent sweating. This isn’t a trick, we promise. Check out the benefits of a natural deodorant

Stop the smell

deodorant with natural ingredients

Natural deodorants help control the bacteria that causes bad odours through minerals and plants. For example, at Akt we have created a proprietary blend of plant and mineral powders called Deo-Barrier Complex™. This natural mixture cleanses the skin on contact and absorbs moisture to prevent bacteria from multiplying (the cause of the smell). These powders sit on the skin like an invisible shield – completely undetected. Which means you can wear your favourite white T-shirt without staining it. That’s because we blend the powders with natural oils to form a sort of moisturiser that is antimicrobial and nourishes the skin. 

Prevent excessive sweating

deodorant to stop sweating

Our Akt natural deodorants have been tested on performers in the West End, where there is a lot of sweating from all those high kicks, backflips and Jean Valjean renditions. Akt founders Ed and Andy literally handed out deodorants to every single West End performer in a live show (we’re talking thousands of people). And they gave some really positive feedback. While it’s not going to stop you from perspiring completely (you are human after all), it does feel much better for you than chemical or synthetic ingredients. 

Nurture healthy skin

natural deodorant for health skin

We wouldn’t spray an aerosol directly onto your face or neck would you? That speaks volumes. Just saying. As we’ve already mentioned, our natural deodorants double up as moisturisers. You can apply them to your feet, forehead, chest – wherever you like – because it’s all just shea butter, calendula oil and other nourishing, naturally derived ingredients. No strange aerosols or chemicals here. Consider it your daily “Akt” of self-care!

There’s only one thing left to do… get your AKT together

We’re not gonna lie, we’ve worked pretty darn hard to get all of those benefits into one portable tube. But we’ve done it. And it’s one of our life’s greatest achievements. That, and getting through the entire collection of Marvel movies in lockdown. After a lot of research and time spent on the kitchen hob and eventually a real lab, we’ve made sure that our deodorants do the job properly. The natural ingredients, a tiny bit of baking soda (literally, the smallest amount possible), and our unique Deo-Barrier Complex™ formula are super nourishing for your skin and also great for the environment. That’s because Akt deodorants: 

  1. Are alcohol-free
  2. Are aluminium-free
  3. Moisturise your skin
  4. Are vegan and cruelty-free
  5. Are suitable for all skin types
  6. Leave clothes stain-free
  7. Come in plastic-free packaging
  8. Absorb instantly 
  9. Leave you feeling dry 
We told you we were good. And the best bit? You can choose from three unique formulas to suit your style. We’ve mixed naturally antibacterial ingredients with natural scents for the perfect formulas. There’s  Orange Grove the deodorant balm bursting with keynotes of petitgrain, mandarin and neroli; After Thunder with cedar, eucalyptus and orange; or The Onsen with vetiver, lavandin and citrus. And remember: they’re all completely alcohol and aluminum free.


Written by AKT London