February 10, 23

The ultimate Valentines Day gift guide

This month is all above love and whether you’re in a relationship, situationship or simply flying solo, we wanted to put together a selection of AKT products that would make the PERFECT Valentine’s gift. 

For the self care sweetheart

If your loved one prioritises a bit of me time, choosing a gift that is considered and one that will elevate their self-care routine is a great option. That’s why we recommend choosing The Applicator.

This is our premium self-care massage tool, inspired by the Chinese practice of Gua Sha. The Applicator encourages lymphatic drainage and micro-circulation around your underarms, chest and neck, helping to relieve tension, boost immunity and energise your body. 

This gift is the perfect addition to any at-home spa evening, and can be complemented alongside a bottle of prosecco and your favourite box of chocolates… how romantic. 


For those who like to try something new 

Now, for those who love experimenting and trying new things… or may have just been wanting to try AKT for a while, our top gift recommendation is The Starter Set.

This is the perfect entry level product for those wanting to make the switch to natural deodorant, but still want something that feels like a premium and luxurious addition to their beauty routine. The Starter Set combines The Deodorant Balm (in the scent of your choice) alongside our key to zero waste, The Assistant. This tool attaches to the balm and helps to squeeze out every last drop! With five scents to choose from, we can guarantee you’ll find a scent that will wow any friend or loved one.

For the fan favourite

Now if you’ve paid enough attention and already know your loved one is a HUGE fan of AKT, we have the perfect set for you. The Principals combine our three original scents: SC.01 Orange Grove, SC.02 After Thunder, SC.03 The Onsen, alongside The Assistant. We can guarantee at least one of these scents will become the new holy grail of the household.


For those who choose self love 

Flying solo or just looking to treat yourself? We have the perfect option for you… and it can save you 15% off FOREVER.

Drum roll please.

Treat yourself to an AKT subscription and save 15% off The Deodorant Balm on every subscription order! For those who don’t know, a subscription will automatically reorder your deodorant balm when you’re due to run out. But don’t worry, this can be decided by you. You also have the freedom to switch up your scents and cancel anytime. We believe signing up to a subscription allows you to prioritise yourself and never slack on your wellbeing routine. 

Written by AKT London