June 20, 24

AKT’s Festival Survival Guide: Stay Fresh and Clean with AKT Deodorant

Summertime marks the beginning of the festival season. Whether this is your first rodeo or not, it's no secret that staying fresh and clean during festivals can be a challenge. From packed crowds to adverse weather conditions, and for those who camp at festivals, maintaining hygiene can be difficult… until now!

We’ve put together a quick summer festival guide so you can have as much fun as you want whilst staying clean and healthy!

Keep Fresh And Carry On

On long and hot festival days, the last thing you want is to use a deodorant that doesn’t help you feel dry, stains your curated festival outfit, or worse, makes you smell.

That’s why AKT is the best natural deodorant for festivals and festival camping. It’s long-lasting, non-sticky, and soothing for the skin, so you don’t have to worry about irritation.

It also comes in very compact, plastic-free packaging, so you can easily take it with you on the go, making it the perfect eco-friendly camping supply.

If you’re camping, we encourage you to research the availability of free showers at the festival. Our tip is to get up early if you want to avoid waiting in long queues (basically beating all the hungover people). Some festivals will also offer premium shower options for a fee, with better amenities and fewer crowds.

Looking for a different privacy solution for outdoor showers at festivals? Avoid queues with a solar-powered shower and set up pop-up tents as an alternative to the public showers.

The Essentials

Ever wondered what you should pack for a multi-day music festival? Here are our recommendations:

  • AKT Deodorant: We know we already mentioned it earlier, but it truly is the best natural deodorant for festivals! It’ll help you feel dry and fresh from day to night.
  • Sturdy trolleys: Transport your belongings easily. The last thing you want is to drag your bags and tent by hand under the heat or rain!
  • Camping gear: A tent, camping chairs, and camping lights should already be on your festival camping checklist, but we’ll mention them just in case!
  • Portable charger: Probably one of the most essential items! You don’t want to run out of battery in the middle of the headliner’s performance.
  • Water bottle: Maintaining hydration is essential if you want to endure the long hours of standing and dancing, especially if it's hot. We recommend Chilly's water bottles.
  • Sun protection: If you’re lucky, it’ll be really sunny. That also means you need to stay protected from UV rays! SPF should already be in your day-to-day essentials, but especially during a festival!
  • Hand sanitiser: Always take hand sanitiser with you. If you’ve ever had to use a portable bathroom, you know they can be a bit unhygienic. So this will come in handy for those inevitable bathroom breaks.
  • Solar-powered shower: A cost-effective way of getting clean if there are no showers on-site (or if it’s too much of a trek from where you are camping). A collapsible bucket is also very handy to add to this if you want to make it easier to clean yourself.
  • Ear protection: Festivals are loud, so protecting your hearing is very important! Brands like Loop Earplugs have excellent options for earplugs made for festivals and concerts. You’ll still get the full experience of the music while protecting your hearing.

To summarise… hygiene is key! Especially during music festivals. It’s the best way of avoiding bad bodily odours or breakouts, and something less to worry about as you dance the night away.

So pack your AKT deodorant and add our recommendations to your music festival checklist. Most importantly, have fun! Enjoy the live music and the vibes—there’s nowhere like a festival!

Written by AKT London