Akt is a London based premium skincare label that creates intelligent deodorant formulations BORN TO PERFORM. 

Designed with efficacy, strong environmental ethics and premium fragrances at its forefront, Akt provides a highly discernible, earth-conscious clientele with a new solution to personal hygiene and self-care. 

All formulations are made in the UK and are tested on professional dancers for their efficacy and functionality. They’re then hand poured and packed into our signature, vibrant, plastic free packaging. 


In 2015 Ed Currie and Andy Coxon met performing in a show in London’s West End. Their gruelling schedule was intensely physical: eight shows a week, dancing under hot lights, a dressing room five flights away from the stage - and no lift. That’s not to mention the rehearsals, classes and training during the day. 

Mainstream deodorants just weren’t cutting it. 

Antiperspirants stained their clothes, didn’t stop the sweat and made them smell like teenage boys. Natural deodorants left them smelling like B.O after only a few hours. So they decided to create one themselves. 

They spent three years researching, developing and formulating, collaborating with leading experts in fragrance and cosmetic science with exacting standards and a whole heap of creativity. The Deodorant Balm was finally born. 

Inspired by London’s West End. 

The West End is where the story began. So they decided to test their new creation on some of the hardest working individuals they knew of. Every single West End cast member in London was given a sample of The Deodorant Balm to test for its efficacy and comfort. The response was overwhelmingly positive and supportive. 

Theatre inspired the creation of The Deodorant Balm. But its community inspired the brand.


Akt is proud to have developed plastic free packaging suitable for modern living. The Deodorant Balm is packaged in aluminium tubes ideal for their durability, portability and recyclability. 

Aluminium can forever be recycled without losing any quality. But plastic caps that usually accompany aluminium tubes, can’t.  In response Akt has created bespoke aluminium caps to prevent more plastic entering our ecosystem. 

The compromise is that our caps can’t pierce the seal, but simply find something sharp (pencil, keys, an old plastic cap) and you’re good to go.