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I have tried a number of deodorants and anti-perspirants over the years. Many have failed to either last the entire day, prevent staining of clothes or just plain smell nice, but just from the first day of using this product I found myself remaining dry through my entire day from work, to the gym, to the evening. Absolutely perfect and smells wonderful.

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Marco D.M.

Very good product and smells Devine!


I've been using 'natural' deodorants for years with varying degrees of success, but none of them really worked well. At last I have found the Holy Grail with AKT. Even when I'm hot and sweaty I'm odour free. It's fantastic!

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I have been more than pleased with my purchase of AKT.

A wonderful new fragrance 'Halcyon Summers'

Not disappointed with the fragrance which was my reason for buying the mini tube.
I love the latest fragrances and have just received the new Columbia Road which is just gorgeous... could be my new favourite!!!. Seriously though this deodorant is the best I have ever used. Healthier for my skin and our Planet. Applause for AKT !!!

Hands down the BEST deodorant on the market. I have recommended this to friends and family

Rather embarrassingly, since I can remember I have always been a heavy sweater and unfortunately for me, or those around me, I’m a smelly sweater.
I’ve used all types of deodorant, from roll ins, sprays, even one you put on overnight that blocks the pores ( chemicals and surely not good for the skin).
Someone recommended trying AKT London.
I bought a starter kit, delivery was super quick, and since I started using it I’ve noticed a huge difference.
From 10am last Sunday I was digging up bushes, mowing the lawn and re planting bushes. It left me a sweaty mess. As much as I still sweating though, the smell wasn’t there. FINALLY a deodorant that works for me. Basically the long and short, if you sweat and stink like me, use @akt_ldn it’s awesome 😎.

Can't imagine using anything else

Smells amazing, the most amazing consistency and I love it!

I used to use wild but found product was wasted and also the Deodorant would gather and stick to me clothes. I've had no troubles with AKT, they smell amazing, using the metal tool it's super easy to use and not waste product. Can't rate it enough

Amazing Product! I’ve been searching for this forever.

Only thing I struggled with was opening the seal and ended up damaging the it. The little cap is too small and fiddly to get on snd off. As much as it is cute it could do with being bigger for practicality

Very nice

A pleasure to use - initially a bit difficult to get it out of the tube but working fine now. Lovely violet scent

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Jayce P.
The Best

I work long hours and I have struggled to find a deodorant that works. I was sceptical about this deodorant but it has proved me wrong. I sweat freely and AKT has helped with this so much. I love the smell of it too. I 100% recommend AKT

Excellent deodorant

I have been using this deodorant for over a year and can’t see myself changing any time soon. It is excellent - keeps me smelling fresh all day (and night) and one tube lasts for months. Lovely subtle scent as well which doesn’t overpower.

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Thomas M.

Best product I ever bought!

Brilliant product!

The best deodorant I’ve used, work perfectly for my 12hr shifts!

The best deodorant ever

Have been using this deodorant for over a year now , and it’s the best I one I have ever user, I have the subscription so never worry about being without it

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Sara W.
Fab product!

Used this in Barcelona recently and, although it wasn’t boiling hot there, it was warm enough to get a ‘glow’ on and AKT worked really well.
I’d like a vanilla scented one if you can sort that out for the future 😁

It works.

My clothes are not stained. They don’t stink. I don’t stink.
My only but is that even with the squeezer is hard (ish) to squeeze and the oil dripping is not ideal. But I can live with all of it because it is simply the best deodorant I have ever tried. And I have tried a lot.

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Caroline R.
Incredible stuff…..

3 weeks in & still no sign of angry pit rash. I stay fresh, dry & sweet smelling through the night too……

My only, wee gripe is the fiddly cap……..but hey, I can manage!

Thnx guys

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Jackie A.
Love this

Best I’ve used and will definitely buy again. Great fragrance, not overpowering, and rubs in really easily with no residue on black clothes. Thank you!

This product did change my life!

Just love love love - the Lantern Candle is divine! Bravo!

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Beautifully Fragranced

I have tried a range of natural deodorants over the last few years, and AKT is by far superior to all the others. The fragrances #1 and #3 are sublime. I put a pea-sized amount under each arm, and even after exercise there was no odour, but instead a subtle lingering fragrance. Cruelty free. Aluminium free. Amazing.

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BEST thing I have found

This does what it says on the box! This has just been perfect, saves on washing, saves on energy - what more can I say.

Evangelical convert

Wonderful, natural, sustainably packaged deodorant that actually works. I love all the smells, the branding, the quality and the vibes. Worth the price over other natural deodorants. And so far, hasn't stained my clothes or made my pits sore (some bicarb based deodorants have done both). Highly recommend. And have done. Vociferously. To all my pals.

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Kate W.
Fantastic product! Purchased SC 01

Traditional deodorants irritate my skin and are not that effective throughout the day. AKT is a game changer due to how incredibly effective it is without any chemical irritation. Both my teenage son and I are converted to using AKT!

Finally found the perfect product

I have super sensitive pits, I’m active and sweat lots and I want to avoid chemicals. A tall order but AKT ticks all of the boxes and the scents are heavenly. Highly recommend!

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Jo H.
Love it!

Great product that does exactly what it is meant to do. Really lovely scent but not over powering. I stay smelling fresh all day!