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The Natural Deodorant Balm
Adrian S. (United Kingdom)
A deodorant evolution

Subscribed to this finally, after months of dragging my heels and so glad I did. Started with orange grove and loved it. Creams absorbs quickly and without mess and keeps you smelling wonderful all day. Just received my latest subscription, after thunder and again, love it. If you haven’t already, do it. You will never go back to aerosol deodorant again.

Amazing product

This is an amazing product brand new on the market, love the idea and it actually works

The Natural Deodorant Balm
Ben S. (United Kingdom)
Subscribed! A dream product!

Go natural with AKT's deodorant balm and never worry about smelling again! Lovely scents, great application, leaves you smelling fresh for up to 3 days, first natural deodorant I've tried that actually works and never going back! Last batch I received the balm was gritty in texture (last two batches have been smooth) but hasn't made any difference to it's effectiveness - hopefully this will be improved with the new formula which AKT are currently developing. Many thanks AKT!!

The Natural Deodorant Balm
Matt M. (United Kingdom)
Yeah pretty great actually..

The deodorant balm is excellent - I work in a hot kitchen for 9 hours a day and I always feel fresh. I will most likely not go back to ordinary shop bought deodorant. My only issue is that the box is too big to fit through my letterbox so if I’m not in I miss the delivery. Otherwise this is a great product and it’s always satisfying to support a small business.

David W. (United Kingdom)
Love it!

Really surpassed my expectations so I bought everything I could 🤓

The Natural Deodorant Balm
Eleanor R. (United Kingdom)
If you are looking for a sign to buy, do it

This is incredible stuff. I am an excessive sweater, just constantly sweating. I’m also in the process of transitioning all of my toiletries skincare etc to plastic free vegan. I’ve trialled so many vegan and plastic free alternatives, popular brands, etsy homemade ones, Lush, some have been okay but none have worked this well. This is all you need to know: this morning I put on the tiniest pea sized amount, went about my day, went to crossfit, then went wild lake swimming, drove home in my airconditionless car, walked my dogs. I’m about to go to bed and I still smell as fresh as a daisy. Or as fresh as vetiver, lavandin and citrus I should say.

The Natural Deodorant Balm
Anna R. (United Kingdom)

I love this so much I have to stop myself sniffing my armpits all day!!! Three teenage daughters also converted. Thank you.

The Natural Deodorant Balm
Anonymous (United Kingdom)

Best deodorant I've ever had, wouldn't use anything else ever. Can't recommend it enough!


I've struggled with deodorant for years, everyone I tried made me itch, this has totally stopped the itching! I goes on easily and smells beautiful! Highly recommend you try it, well worth the money! Hxx

Jenna P. (United Kingdom)
Amazing, natural, eco-friendly deodorant

This product is AMAZING!- I cannot recommend it enough.
I was very sceptical about using an all- natural deodorant, as I believed it wouldn't be effective, however, this product is just as good, if not better than the chemical laden deodorants on the market.
It feels lovely to apply, smells great, and works. It's fully recyclable and non-toxic.
I love it, and will be recommending it to all my friends.
Thank you for making such a great product.

Jenna, Southampton

The Natural Deodorant Balm
Georgia F. (United Kingdom)
What’s not to love.

Everything about this product is amazing.

The packaging, the accessories, the smell and best of all, it works!

Absolutely amazing product, will never use another deodorant. 🧡

Emma (United Kingdom)

I have been using natural deodorant (not AKT) for about a year. I am very sweaty and was not convinced that it would work for me but to my surprise, it has and I am thrilled. I was generally happy with the brand I was using but it did leave white marks on my clothes (washed off easily but not ideal when the marks appeared in the middle of a day). I decided to try AKT and I’m so pleased I did. The fragrances are lovely and quite sophisticated. It is so much more effective than my previous brand and best of all - no white marks! It lasts all day with no need to reapply. The anti-perspirant effect is also much better than my previous brand. I have the Assistant which is really helpful with dispensing from the tube (I’ve bought more similar implements for other tubes it is so useful!). Application is simple and quick and the product is quickly absorbed. My only worry is that I am moving home to Australia soon and I’m worried about how I will continue to access my AKT. Thank you for such an amazing product!

The Natural Deodorant Balm
sara p. (United Kingdom)
Fab product

Really pleased to have finally found a natural deodorant that works and lasts all day, really easy to apply and smells great!

The Natural Deodorant Balm
TDW (United Kingdom)
Better than I could have ever expected...

This is hands down the best deodorant I think I have ever used. It is better than non-natural products that contain Aluminium, and I frankly did not expect this to work as well as it does - but, it really does work! It smells great, it lasts and it really truly works. My wife uses another natural product (a well-known/ heavily marketed one) that doesn't work as well as this does. Try this and it may be the last deodorant you ever buy. And for me to write that is really saying something. Great work by the Akt team.

Paul B. (United Kingdom)
Very unique and exceptional deodorant

I have used many types of deodorant and have found always a little problem. They either left me smelling badly after a few hours or not allowing me to naturally sweat. AKT is the first deodorant that allows me to naturally perspire and still smell fresh. The added bonus for me is that I can apply after a shower and not have to wait for my body temperature to drop to be effective. I absolutely love this deodorant and the applicator and assistant are excellent tools. It makes the process all that more special and reminds you on a daily basis of what quality product you are using, perfect for my daily routines.

The Natural Deodorant Balm
S.G. (Australia)

I was given a tube of the Orange Grove as a gift and have since purchased a trio of the scenes. I am looking forward to trying the other tubes as I've really liked the Orange Grove. Using it at least once a day, it's going to have lasted over 3 months and a little does go a long way! I hope you get stocked in Australia soon - but I will be telling my friends to buy regardless :P

The Natural Deodorant Balm
Gill A.T. (United Kingdom)
Very impressed

Have tried two of the three products. Enjoyed the fragrance of both and for me they worked. A little tricky to use in cold weather but nothing a little warm water fixes. Over all great product which works smells great and delivered to my doors.

The Natural Deodorant Balm
Mercy H. (United Kingdom)
I love it

Will honestly never buy a different deodorant. Thank you 🥺🥺🥺

The Natural Deodorant Balm
Danny C. (United Kingdom)

Honestly, this is legit my fave deodorant ever, not only does it smell great, it also last a very long time. I use it on my body too and get lots of compliments about what I am “wearing”. Brilliant. Absolutely. Lurve. It.

The Natural Deodorant Balm
Alison N. (United Kingdom)
It works!

Not only does it work they all smell great! I have tried lots of chemical free deodorants and this one is great. My work involves being close to people so it has to be good, I also exercise a lot and it is still good!

The Natural Deodorant Balm
Victoria H. (United Kingdom)
Just what I’ve been looking for!

I love love love this product! It’s exactly what I’ve been looking for. A deodorant that works without irritation. I purchased The Orange Grove fragrance and I can’t wait to try the other scents. Also well worth getting The Assistant and The Applicator as they help you from using too much and get every drop out of the tube. A huge well done this is a Super product.
From Surrey.

Amy S. (United Kingdom)

This deodorant smells amazing but most importantly, it works and is easy to apply. Delicious packaging too with not a hint of plastic in sight.

The Natural Deodorant Balm
Em (United Kingdom)

I bought this not expecting it to be very effectives and have been surprised that it does actually work. Not long that but the scent is great.

The Natural Deodorant Balm
Sarah B. (United Kingdom)
Love it

Smells amazing and works. Definitely recommend.

Can buy much cheaper ‘tube keys’ though (e.g. Upcircle key from Sainsbury’s £2.50)

Clare (United Kingdom)
Fabulous deodorant

I've been wanting to switch to a natural, more eco-friendly deodorant for a while and stumbled across AKT due to a recommendation on Instagram. I'm so glad I did! I bought The Principals Box and I am so far loving the first fragrance of the three. The Assistant is such a helpful tool too for making sure there's no waste and for dispensing the right amount. I'm finding the deodorant lasts all day with ease, it rubs in quickly and easily, and doesn't leave any staining on my clothes. I will be recommending it to everyone!!