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This really works!

I have used a number of the alternative types of deodorant but have found results very hit and miss. Alt really does work - fantastic product.

Love this shizzle

Makes my pits fresh!


Absolutely brilliant product - works perfectly and smells amazing plus it lasts for ages!


I love AKT. Anything else is second best!

Great deodorant

I love the deodorant, it smells great and works well. One thing to improve would be to change the lid as I find that it leaks.

You’re missing a trick

Your deodorant balm works as an anti-perspirant, so you really should advertise it as such. If I hadn’t have been bought my first tube by my brother, I would never have purchased one. I’m now on my second!

I love this Akt

I have tried two of the three “scenes” now and I love them both. They last ages, smell great and keep me feeling confident all day. What more could you want?

Great product!

Scents are great, pleasant but not overwhelming and, best of all, it works!

The Onsen

I'm really enjoying my 1st tube. Smells great and is effective too.
If I could knock off 1/2 star it would be because the product is hard to squeeze from aluminium tube.
I've seen a magic key by L'occitane that helps efficiently roll tube from the base to ensure nothing is wasted. Might be something for AKT to consider selling?
Will be buying again, regardless.


I found out about AKT from someone I follow who was trialling it & bought it in their recommendation.

I haven’t regretted that decision at all. I’ve been using it since December, I’m a horse rider so have fully tested its ability, I like that I don’t have to keep reapplying deodorant during the day it just keeps working.
I love the smell, the concept & even better It really works Thanks for such a great product

Brilliant product!

I always wait until I have been able to use a product properly for a while before I write a review, I have finished my first tube lasted me about two months with daily use (scent 02) really impressed with it! I work as a makeup artist so im constantly in peoples personal space and hygiene is super important, I have also been through chemo and since this one of the side effects is hot flushes, this product has helped give me the confidence I need to carry on with my day and know the won't be any unwanted oder! I love the packaging im always trying to reduce my environmental impact and this has been helpful with its recyclability! I also travel a lot for my work so knowing I can take the same product I use daily through security is nice, again helping the environment by not needing to repurchase something new, I foresee many more of these in my future!

The best deodorant ever!

I completely fell in love with AKT products! Never had better deodorant! Strongly recommend to everyone.

Full day training at National Theatre Drama Teacher conference

Felt fresh throughout and I have had breast cancer so am nervous about aluminium now. I also have sensitive skin and this does not cause any reaction. Win win! Confident to ask for a selfie with legend Emma Rice after 4 hours of workshops!

Thank you!

I just need to say huge thank you to you for your product! Due to medical reasons, I’ve had to be put into early menopause at 31. I’ve struggled with hot flushes and particularly dreaded getting on the Bakerloo Line, which I travel on regularly, due to how hot it gets on this particular line underground.
Your product passed the Bakerloo Line test on Saturday! I put some of the balm on my forehead (a trigger spot when travelling this way) and it was effective almost 12 hours apart when taking the tube. It is the first time that I haven’t been embarrassed or self-conscious on this tube line in two and a half years!!!!!
I can not tell you how grateful I am and how much it means to me to have found something that works!!!
Thank you from the bottom of my heart!

Deodorant Balm

I finding the balm very effective

Akt deodrant

fantastic new product, smells great, works really well - I've bought the whole range now!!

Deodorant balm

Fantastic ! My son recommended the balm and I have to say it works.

A natural deodorant that actually works!

I’ve been hunting for a good natural deodorant for over 10 years, so I was excited to try this. I ordered the Orange balm first as I love orange and citrus. The balm is amazing; it’s lovely on the skin, no drying to wait for and it lasts all day - hurrah! The orange one didn’t smell as I expected, so I tried After Thunder which is lush. It smells like a spa! I’ve recommended it to so many people. My only hesitation is the price, but I think it might be too late and there’s no going back now.

I could feel (and smell) the difference

Since I started using AKT, I could see a huge difference with my the deodorants I used to buy. AKT doesn't irritate my skin which smells great throughout the day.


This product smells absolutely amazing. The botanicals used are sublime and I was left with dry underarms which smelt fresh. I purchased Orange Grove and am very much looking forward to trying the others. A great gift idea too, great packaging and eco friendly. Well done guys. A fabulous product which deserves a massive curtain call. Michael.x

Best deodorant ever

As with many of the reviews in here I have to agree the this is the best deodorant ever. I have used the orange and well impressed a pea size amount keep u fresh all day long and even into the next day have just ordered the two alternative fragrances

Natural Finally Works

I have tried many natural deodorant products before - this one really wotmrks. I love the scent and styling too!

Better than anything I have ever used

I have forever suffered from damper than normal pits, with the added bonus of having to double wash my work shirts, regardless if how much I reapply, and nothing has ever stopped it. This has! That horrible mild-BO-covered-by-perfume smell is finally gone. I still sweat a bit on hard work days, but that doesn't bother me. I'm forever converted, this stuff is magic, it even survived a full day of dance classes! The lid leaks oil a bit when I take it with me, but I'm happy to put up with that for it to be plastic free. Excellent work guys!


It smells SO GOOD and there's literally no trace of any BO or sweaty scent by the end of the day, even after a (rather anxious) job interview!

The only deodorant I’ll ever buy

Ever since I ran out of the trial sample a year ago I’ve tried a myriad of other natural deodorants. I can confidently confirm there is nothing on the market compared to AKT. It keeps me smelling fresh all day and I love it’s all natural. Bonus? It ships to Brooklyn!

Do yourself a favor and buy this deodorant ASAP.