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The AKT experience

Waking up and getting ready is now a ritual that’s been enchanted by AKT. From their exceptional products, to pragmatic and helpful customer service. This is all wrapped up in their beautiful branding. I have been gifted, I have purchased and I have gifted to others. I will be a long customer for such a great new company. Thank you so much!

Long lasting and smells incredible

I love this smell, not overpowering and works well with my cologne too. The fact this balm lasts so long compared to other products like dove 100 is so unexpected! I followed the hype following several recommendations and the results were just as I was told.

Smart and Practical

The assistant is so attractive, plus it helps to utilise every bit of your balm. This is crucial if you want to make the most of the deodorant!

Finally found the ONE!

It has been a challenging and long journey trying to find the right natural deodorant. I tried expensive ones and lower budget ones, but always resulted in an unwanted sweaty smell by lunchtime or feeling perpetually wet. When I came across AKT, I was skeptical but willing to try one last time. I was not disappointed! This natural deodorant is incredible! It smells great, doesn't stain, is easy to apply and instantly absorbs. Plus I only need to apply it once. And bonus points for the eco friendly approach and beautiful branding. Finally I found the ONE and it's fantastic!

Exceptional performance 🙌

I'm usually super lazy at writing reviews, but after the fabulous service and products ive recieved from these chaps, I needed to help promote them especially in such difficult times. I bought all 3 fragrances for my husband for Christmas (secretly me). We begun using the orange and blue, and loved them straight away, we're both very much into scents and fill our house with candles and oils. There was a little hiccup with the packaging on one tube, but Aaron couldn't have been more of a gent, he sorted us out straight away, replacing the tube.
I noticed tonight when I arrived home from work that I still smelt as though I'd just applied it. It really works! Will be a long time fan, thanks guys xxx


Hi,das Deo ist super toll!


Bought the starter kit and 12 month subscription for my hubby, even though he’s been using it for the past year or so. He was thrilled to say the least as this product is amazing

Best deodorant ever

I’d been wanting to try a more natural deodorant for a while but heard mixed reviews about the effectiveness of various other products, which put me off. Finally took the plunge and tried this one and it’s absolutely amazing! Smells nice when first applied and then blends into whatever perfume you’re wearing. Keeps me totally dry all day (I really didn’t want wet patches, even non-smelly ones!), and only needs a small amount, so the tube lasts ages! My only complaint would be the packaging - my tube has cracked in several places, so the balm leaks out when I try to apply it. Plus I have quite a lot of the product left in the tube that I’m really struggling to get out, and I hate waste! I know you’re on with sorting this though, so I won’t go on! Thanks for making such a great product :)

Hi Rachel,

Thank you so much for your review. It means so much to a small business like us.

You'll be thrilled to know that our new better quality tubes are now slowly being implemented so no cracking will occur. The new formulation is on its way too to make Akt even more perfect. If you have anymore suggestions please let me know, but rest assured we are always working on making the best plastic free and natural deodorant there is.


The Ensemble - 10% off
Best natural deodorant I’ve tried

Fantastic products and love the applicator product and ritual 5 stars

Great product

I've tried numerous aluminium free deodorants (some really expensive and some fairly cheap) and always had issues with not smelling particularly great at the end of the day. I train 6 days a week and have a fairly active job and was sceptical about another deodorant claiming to work but It really does! I'm overall very impressed with the product and would recommend it over all the other brands I have tried.
The deodorant is thick so takes a while to come out of the tube but as this is a minor issue to a plastic free, aluminium free and cruelty free product I would happily use this product again and again.
I hope this brand never changes its ethics!

Attractive and works

I admit that when searching for plastic-free deoderants I was initally sold on the aesthetic of Akt. But I'm actually impressed with how well it works. I had previously been using pretty strong 48 hours stuff and I havent noticed a difference in effectiveness, but I feel better - less aluminium on my skin, and less plastic in the world.

Best natural deodorant ever!

Just love this deodorant and it works! Smells great. Honestly applicator not as easy as traditional deodorant to apply but worth the effort. Would possibly leave at home when camping or holidaying! Thank you

Miracle deodorant!

After deciding to go aluminium, paraben free etc I was struggling to find a product that ticked all of my boxes and be convinced it would keep me fresh all day. Well I’ve discovered it!

The Ensemble

The Assistant is genius, looks great and makes sure you get every last drop. I’d tried natural deodorants in the past and nothing really worked for me but I absolutely love AKT. It lasts all day, throughout exercise and a little goes a long way! Completely worth the price, I won’t be using any other deodorants from now on!

Best find!

Love the ethos, love the background of the developers, love the quality, love the fragrances, and most of all, love the anti-perspirant effect! First product that has ever effectively reduced the damp patches for me. This is a fab product and great new company and I cannot recommend it highly enough! Have started a subscription, and the complimentary ‘Assistant’ offer has made it even better

Finally a deodorant that actually works

Top marks for this as a deodorant. Peri menopause has meant that I am sweating more and smelling more. My regular deodorant was no longer up to the job. After trying other brands I was reluctant to waste money. This actually works, only downside is the leaky tube and how hard it is to get out - both being worked on. I thought the cream formula would feel strange but it’s fine. Just a little on the finger and rubbed on each arm pit. Fragrance is nice and natural and seems to blend with whichever perfume I choose to wear.


Love the scents and the performance

This is probably the best deodorant I've ever used. It smells amazing and completely stops any sweaty, BO-type smells. It can be hard to get it out of the tube but apparently they're working on that. Honestly, this product is amazing. Buy it! (Plus - my cat is scared of aerosol sounds. She doesn't run away when I apply deodorant now!)


I use the orange scent! Smells like a spa it’s lovely!! On Black Friday I have purchased another three so that I never run out!

Every Drop!

I was already part-way through a tube when The Assistant arrived and I am amazed at how much longer the tube has lasted than I thought it would! I'm really getting every drop out of my Akt now and I'm utterly delighted! It's also one of the nicest looking things I have in my bathroom - couldn't be happier!

Couldn’t do without it!

I was about halfway through my first tube of deodorant and was starting to have issues getting the paste out the further down the tube I got. But then this key swooped in to save the day and I honestly couldn’t do without it! It does the job perfectly and takes 2 seconds the get the perfect amount out the tube now, I couldn’t recommend it more.


I absolutely love this product and have put myself on a subscription after purchasing the first one as a trial. The only criticism i have is the box its posted in is too big. It wont fit through the letter box so i have to arrange to pick it up at the depot. The box the tube is in will though so im not if possible to make the outer postage box smaller.

Great product

Really nice smells especially the orange one, great plastic free packaging!

Cast complete

Great to have the ‘assistant’ this now completes the cast and is a great addition that benefits the product delivery.


Does exactly what it says on the tin (or tube!) and amazing that feedback is already being actioned. These guys care.... The smells of all 3 are amazing and I just can't have a favourite! The Assistant is genius, love it! :) xx