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Exceeds expectations

Really good product. Even in the hottest of the year, I still smelled great after a full day outside!

Fresh in the heat wave

Dreamy, fresh scent, amazed it managed so well in London's recent high 30s. I'd love to try the Onsen scent as a sample?

it works!

Previously struggled to find a non eco and eco friendly deodorant that works. It's like magic and treads lightly on the planet. I recommend it to friends :)

Best in class.

Simply the best natural deodorant around it works and smells lovely.

AKTually Life Changing

The Orange Grove is my favourite of the 3 scents, although all are fab. Absolutely my best purchase ever. I am a new person since using this wonderful deodorant balm.

Smell great even during your workout

I smell great all day and even during my workout. Easy to apply and feels great from the moment you put it on. I have The Onsen and I get an aroma mix of lavender and cedar. Very nice. I have tried the Orange Grove too which gives off mandarin aromas and also a sample of After Thunder which will be my next full size purchase as I like eucalyptus. Feels great to not have to spray and not use rollers contaminated with yesterday’s armpits lol

Elisabetta B.
The Applicator

I love the Applicator, both in design and the materials used for the applicator itself, the box and the sweet drawstring bag. Every component of The Applicator has clearly been painstakingly researched into. Using a material such as brass for the Applicator is eminently practical, sensible and longlasting. At least I wouldn't worry at all if I were to drop the Applicator on our tiled bathroom floor! In particular I really like the weight of the Applicator in my hand.
I'm aware that other Gua Sha applicators are made from jade or varieties of crystal. Whilst beautiful to look at, for me they are far too fragile.
I also love the little details you have come up with such as the design of the Applicator box which pulls out so neatly; the lovely drawstring bag and the very straightforward 'self-care' guidelines.


Santiago L.
Best deodorant I’ve ever used.

Best deodorant I’ve ever used.

Amazing product AND they listen to feedback!

Had an issue in the colder months, as other users did clearly, and they did something about it! Added to which it's simply the best deodorant out there.. keep doing what you're doing, guys!

Surprisingly good

The scent of the Orange Grove balm is absolutely gorgeous - I was worried it would be too sweet or ‘fruity’ but it’s really not. And it does work as well as the website claims - 24+ hours, with a long dog walk over the moors and a Crossfit class thrown in. The only slight negative I would have is the cap size - it’s super fiddly and fat fingers fresh out of the shower make it a bit tricky, but I see that larger caps are being rolled out imminently, so thats great.

The best

Akt works so well, I've been using it for around 2 years. No nasty sprays, all recyclable & it works perfectly. Love it!

3 sents

I’ve tried all 3 sents of the deodorant and all smell great and all have endured the heat wave without letting me down. Great products. Thank you

Beautiful smell

A real pleasure to apply and wear. And the tube is lasting longer than I thought it would! Very easy to push back next order. Perfect product and service.


I have used a few natural deodorants and they always seem to fall short with lasting more than a few hours. Me and my partner have tried AKT and its turned in to one of the best deodorants we have used.

The best!

Love this deodorant, lasts a long time, eco friendly and really works!

Great Product

I’ve been using this product for over a year now, and I wouldn’t go back to generic deodorant - it works really well!

Cherry B.
Best deodorant EVER

My daughter introduced me to AKT. In my 70s, I have struggled to find an effective deodorant and I wanted something that was planet friendly and did not contain aluminium and other nasties.
This is the best new product I have ever tried. The scent of the Orange Grove balm is delightful and just a tiny pea sized blob does both armpits perfectly. I have never had a stale smelling armpit since using AKT and one tube has lasted me for ages. I bought the special golden key to maximise the squeeze value in the tube and it is well worth it. Looks classy too!
I cannot recommend AKT deodorant balm highly enough and have now introduce many friends to it.

Lasts all day, smells great

I've been using AKT deodorants for about two years and I'm very happy with the product. All three scents smell great, The Onsen being my favourite, although Orange Grove is fresh and great for summer. I'd be curious to know if the formula for After Thunder has changed in the last year as it seems to be milder and less citrusy than the first tube I bought.

While the product may see expensive for a deodorant, not only does a small amount last all day, the tube itself can easily last for months.

It's the best natural deodorant, in fact it's the best deodorant - that I've ever used.

the best deodorant i’ve tried

works like a charm, and i can’t stop smelling myself after i apply it. an absolute must have 🖤

Finally,,, Sorted!

For quite some time I had been hoping to find a deodrant that works and delivers on all levels. Knowing aerosoles are just not the answer I found AKT on social media and thought I would give it a go. Being a pretty sweaty gym addict, I've never needed to look for anything else and my girlfriend always comments on my fresh smell. Sorted!
Been using it sparingly for nearly 2 years and I am only on to my 3rd tube just now!!!

Proper tackle

Expensive but worth it! No need for aftershave just this on the pits! Blue scent is lovely

Won't be going back!

I was reluctant at first about buying this deodorant, felt it was pricey and wasn't convinced. I took the plunge and haven't looked back. Been using for about 2 years. They all smell divine, last so much longer than any other deodorant on the market. Now the hardest decision is which fragrance to get next!

The best deodorant I have used

I will never go back to old aerosol based deodorants. AKT is the best next gen product I’ve used. Highly recommended


I cannot believe how good this product is. Doesn’t matter what you are doing you feel and smell fresh all day. Wouldn’t go back.