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Who knew deodorant could be this exciting AND totally effective?

I just LOVE using this product, Orange Grove is my favorite. I follow the daily routine with the brass spatula and apply the deodorant balm immediately after showering or bathing. When I blow dry my hair the hot air wafts the fragrance around and provides a nice fresh aromatic finish to my grooming - who couldn't love this product?

Lovely product

Plastic free packaging to the last detail. The lid leaks a tiny bit of oil but small price to pay for truly plastic free experience. My only feedback would be to make the packaging fit through a standard postbox

Human Wookiee’s Prayers Answered!

Ok, so I’m a big guy, and I’m doing pretty well in the body hair department too, so sweat happens. This is made even worse by the fact that I have to wear light blue uniform shirts for work (and they’re poly cotton:( ).

So for the last 10 years or so I’ve been really paranoid of being the guy with a dab on in the office! I’ve tried loads of stuff, including some of the harsher ones and they either do nothing or end up irritating the skin.

So after hearing about AKT I thought I’d give it a go as I had nothing else to lose.

Oh, my God, it’s awesome! It’s easy to apply, you don’t have to wait as it an age for it to dry, the scent is pleasant and lasts ages and most of all even in our roasting hot office no wet patches! It’s amazing!


no more mass produced, plastic contained, chemical heavy deo for me, This is my brand now. Its so good on every level. delighted. its so rare to find a product that over delivers like this does.

AKT is the STAR of the Show!

For my 2nd order from AKT I chose The Onsen. Wearing it makes me feel fresh, vibrant, awake and ready for the day ahead.

Class AKT!!!

Amazing product, keeps you feeling lovely all day!
My big test for it will be it gets hot during the summer!
Well done tho 👍🏻

Happy with purchase

Really glad I decided to try this deodorant. It works as described, I have the satisfaction of knowing I'm not applying anything harmful to my skin and also like the scent.


this is the first all natural deodorant that actually works. it doesn't mark up your clothes with white and a bonus is it makes your underarms smoother! I bought the orange and the blue. to be honest I can't use the blue I gave it away the smell doesn't work for me but the one in the orange tube is absolutely perfect. I will definitely be buying more!

Try it: you will adopt it!

I had already tested a few “natural” deodorant in the past, but none of them convinced me. So I have to admit that I was a bit skeptical when trying AKT… But after a couple of days I got used to it and within a week I was convinced, and since then, I love it!

Very Impressed

I love this deodorant balm and all that it stands for i e health and well being and being good for the planet

It's not a joke when they tell you to beware of the life changing effects

Honestly, it has changed my life! It's such a great feeling to be able to pick up a t-shirt the next day after going for it on the dancefloor at a club and the underarms of the garment smell clean with a hint of the deodorant's scent... that's a true test of putting a product like this through its paces for me. I bought myself all three, it's been about a month and I'm still only halfway through the first tube (Orange Grove) and I wouldn't go anywhere without it, it's my secret armour and allows me to never worry that I smell anything less than perfect.

Love this balm

This is my second purchase of orange grove just love it. Smells define and yes it works. I have all of the three fragrance but I’m loving orange grove. I have psoriasis but this balm does not irritate and has no nasties .Prompt delivery to.

After thunder is by far my favourite scent of the three. I am pleased to find that they work slightly as an antiperspirant as well (I work in a hospital in what feels like 250 degree heat).

Very pleasant scent and...

The longest lasting natural deodorant that I've used.


I work in a very busy A&E department and usually have to keep extra deodorant in my locker to freshen up about halfway through my shift ... but no longer. I stay fresh and smelling great all day long with AKT I can’t wait to try all the scents. Thank you guys don’t stop with just this we need more creators like you!!

Good products-good results-good ethics

I'm really enjoying my purple-blue tube! As y'all promised, it WORKS & I smell great. The ethics of caring for the environment with AKT products is also important. 3 cheers for AKT from the USA!

Amazing deodorant & customer service

I think their products are amazing! There was a problem with delivery and the guys took care of my request instantly! Highly recommended!

Love it

Love the concept and ethics behind this product just as much as I love the product itself. The scents are all lovely and I even use it on my thick hair to calm the frizz! Thanks chaps x

Less waste, smells great and just works

The stuff just works - which is surprising given that it has no aluminum in it. There is a fancy applicator, but I found it more convenient just to put a bit on my fingertips and rub in. The scent is mature (not like Axe/Lynx) .

Game changer

I really struggle to feel like I'm staying fresh during the day and constantly have to reapply deodrant. But I haven't had to at all while wearing this, even on a day where I'm sweating far more than usual. The smell is really pleasant and lasts throughout most of the day. Even at the end of a lond day, my underarms smelt neutral with a hint of scent still. I love the packaging & design too, and also love that it's gender neutral. It may be slightly pricey, but I think for the product quality and environmentally friendly factor it's so worth it. Plus one tube will last ages!

Easy Perfection

I lost my sense of smell due to a head injury 6 months ago, so safe to say it is so great to have people tell you that ‘you smell great‘ all the time!

I may not know what it smells like, but I know I smell good thanks for AKT

Consistently great in very hot/humid weather

Was very excited to get my AKT and popped open all 3 fragrances in one go! Pleased to report that after 2 weeks of use, AKT is consistently great in hot and humid weather (I live in Singapore, 30 degrees, 100% humidity).

Really lovely product, easy to apply, absorbs great. Love the fragrance of “after thunder” so much!

Would love to see a fragrance free product at some point too!

FINALLY - a deodorant that works!!

I don’t know how I survived before AKT came into my life. Spray deodorants wouldn’t keep up with my active, on the go life style and it was such a struggle. AKT is long lasting, fresh and smells great! FINALLY a deodorant that gives you 24 hour coverage.


Having watched the journey of Akt it’s great to finally be using it. Amazing product that does everything you want in a deodorant. The guys have smashed it out of the park with this.

The best and longest-lasting deodorant I've used

After years of using various types of sprays, I thought I'd give this a go on a whim, having seen one of the founders talk about it on Instagram.

I ordered the After Thunder deodorant and tested it by wearing it in various situations, such as a 90-minute dance class, a full day in the office at work, commuting on the Central line (famously sweaty!) and going to the gym. In all those situations the deodorant held and I came out not smelling sweaty at all and still smelling of the deodorant (which is itself not a particularly overpowering smell). It worked perfectly and I've already ordered the Orange Grove deodorant.