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After using it daily for 3 weeks, am happy to say it really works.

The Starter Set
Stuart B.
Thumbs up

Smells great, lasts the day - totally spot on.

Smells amazing/ feels natural

Originally hesitant about a monthly subscription, but is use a lot less than expected and it really does totally eliminate odours over a long warm day whilst smelling amazing. Worth every penny!

Works brilliantly and no plastic.

Works brilliantly and great chance to sample each product at a great price

Surprised how well it works

I had some buyers regret after placing the order as I had my doubts how well a natural deodorant would work.

When it came it smelt great, and the smell had long lasting effects. At the end of a long day I still smell good.

With regular deodorants I find I get blocked sweat glands and still end the day with a nasty sweat/deodorant smell. With AKT I still sweat but at the end of the day I still smell like AKT.

AKT also hasn't left any nasty stains or crusty marks on my clothes.

great stuff

was recommended this wonderful product buy a friend.... like any man I remind sceptical, at last I was proven wrong !!!!!! it works Amen!!!!

Excellent product

It’s smells good and lasts

Best Ever Deodorant

Having tried other natural deodorants before I was skeptical, but this has proven me so wrong. Vastly improved my confidence and hasn’t yet let me down. Thank you AKT!

Very impressed

This is the best deodorant I have used and it’s great to move away from aerosol cans. Easy to apply and it really works for me


Fantastic, best armpit deodorant ever.

The Assistant
Jane B.
A Must have tool..

I tried without the assistant but as you go further to a third left in the tube it gets much harder to push the cream out .. well worth the purchase.

The smell is amazing!🤩

So excited about the smell of this one - it is like aromatherapy in a health spa smells!
This one feels super gentle on my sensitive skin 💖

Perfect deodorant

Searched for years for the perfect deodorant.Finally found it with sc04.


This was one of three that I bought because I like a variety. This is prob my favourite - it’s lavendery, kinda log-burner-smoky and then there’s the citrusy cut-through. I love it. This and the other two I have smell so fresh and natural, and keep me smelling sweet. I also love that there’s no nasties in them. As an already returning customer, I will be back again and I would recommend them to anyone! Absolute winner.

Great deoderant

Gone are the days of worrying about B.O. I wear this deodorant and am proud of it :)

Best deodorant EVER

Love the two scents we have tried so far!

Been looking for a good deodorant for ages! We like it so far. Aestheticly pleasing too. Thank you!

No longer hot and bothered!

Ladies of a certain age you will love this product. It smells devine, stops the underarm “glow” during a heatwave and is also really helpful those well endowed if used under those puppies 😉

Best ever deodorant

I tried so many deodorants claiming to work but only AKT works.

Absolutely loved this set as it let me figure out which one I liked best before committing to a big tube. All of the scents are beautiful and kept me smelling fresh all day but my favourite had to be SC.05.

It’s lovely. Try it!

Excellent tool. Easy to use.

Great product, absorbs well into the skin and all sample products smell great!

Amazing no sweat at all

Love AKT - simply amazing product!