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Love these deodorants

I’ve tried all three fragrances and love them all. Deodorant is so effective, even in hot weather. Love them

It really does work

I've struggled with hyperhidrosis for a long time and tried a range of antiperspirants and deodorants, especially natural ones e.g. Aesop, Nuud. I bought After Thunder because of an insta advert. It really works. I smell great and lasts ~8-10 hours for myself. I can top up at work easily.
Tip from myself, in the mornings, hold the tube under your armpit for 30 seconds to warm up and makes it easier to squeeze out.

Finally a deodorant that really works!

I have always been fairly sweaty (so lucky!) and now I am also going through the menopause I find I’m even worse, AKT has stopped me from becoming a stinking mess by lunch time and I’m not as worried about having to you out into the world again post lockdown!

lovely product

I bought the purple one - lovely soothing lavender-based smell, easy to use and hard to fault. It raises the standard of what a deodorant should be.

It really works!!!!

Purchased the After Thunder deodorant - smells great and it really does leave me feeling fresh all day! I didn’t really think it would work but thought I’d give it a try and am so glad I did! Will be setting up a subscription and trying the other scents soon


Does exactly what it says on the tube, smells divine and has the sustainability/eco feelgood factor. Win-win!

I am in Love

I Absolutely love these products, I recommend these to all of my friends and they agree.
it represents everything I am about and working towards, looking after our planet but keeping our hygiene Standard high, they smell great and it last all day . Blessing and good fortune for the future, I am glad to be apart of the journey

Great Stuff!

This is the best natural deodorant I have found. Lasts all day and is very gentle on skin, Well done!

Best ever

I am so happy with this product. I even wake up smelling good. Highly recommended.

Better than great

I interrupted a sophisticated lunch to tell everyone they had to change their deodorant. This not only smells extraordinarily good, it performs better than any other deodorant I’ve ever come across. My husband came home from boxing and I was still able to talk to him before he has his shower. Other deodorants should hang their heads in shame.

The easiest switch I’ve ever made

When trying natural deodorants and alternatives I always had allergic reactions or they were never effective but this smells fresh, works so well and there was no adjustment period or skin reaction... worth the price. Highly recommend :)

A Fresh Way To Freshen Up

Have tried several ‘natural’ deodorants recently to move away from sprays & chemicals & products that use plastics etc. AKT has come out on top so much so I’ve stopped looking elsewhere. Love this stuff, have all 3 scents & they look so cool as well in my bathroom. Can’t wait to see what these guys come up with next!

Fantastic product

This deodorant is effective all day, doesn’t irritate my skin and smells fantastic. It’s also good value for money as my first tube has lasted more than 2 months. Highly recommend.

Quite simply the best natural deodorant there is.

I've tried the competition and I can tell you that AKT wins hands down.
This deodorant does exactly what is says - it works!
It also smells lovely - it's easy to apply and I feel smug that in using this fab product, I'm also doing my bit for the environment.

nice scent

Loving my first purchase but before ordering more would like to know where in London can I try out other scents?

Love this

The smell, consistency, all natural and it works!!! Highly recommended

Better than expected, and I expected a lot

I've been using natural deodorants for a few years and Instagram algorithm tracked me down and advertised AKT to me. First impressions were great, loved the branding and the zero plastic concept.
The actual product itself... wow! Yea its great! It actually works, which isn't the case for many other natural deodorants, it seems to even work for 48 hours which is awesome. The only downside is that i keep doing that armpit sniffing thing that people do when they're checking for BO, not because I'm worried about BO, but because i can't get enough of the bloody beautiful smell! The smell is so damn good, I've pretty much given up wearing aftershave as i love the smell of this so much. Another downside is that my wife has now stolen it as she loves it too!
Can't wait to check out the other 'flavours', great work guys!

Good news

I love the product and my only reservations were the issues that you are already dealing with!
For me the cap was fiddly more than leaky and when it pinged across the room always managed to hide from every well! Aside from that fabulous product, really works and smells divine.

The One

I've tried loads of natural deodorants, and I was on the verge of going back to the dark side because, well, I smelled bad. This stuff is it. This is The One. My life IS changed. Smells incredible. Works all day and beyond. The price is high for me, but if it lasts two months like it says, then I can justify it. Plus, I'll subscribe when I'm through the two I bought: After Thunder (my fave) and The Onsen (still good, smells a bit like Christmas biscuits) which should bring the cost down. Great packaging, even down to the little cork insert in the lid. I didn't get The Assistant, but I think I probably will to get the most out of this wonderful product. It's a real winner. Well done Akt.


Do not be fooled... this is not just fancy deodorant! It works too! I work FT in an ER Veterinary Hospital and at the end of a long 14 shift... including running back and forth from the parking lot since we are doing curbside (COVID) ... and I still smell good and I’m dry ✅✅✅

I smell like WEALTH…ALL DAY

This stuff is indeed incredibly expensive deodorant, but it really does work all day and it really does smell like rich people. I’m upset that I like it so much because now I have no choice but to keep buying this very expensive but actually effective and delicious deodorant. I don’t use their applicator as I literally own a gua sha already, which works wonderfully. I have tried all sorts of natural deodorants - from Dr Haushka, to Native, to LeLabo, to Schmidt’s, to myro, and more..and all of them have left me smelling sour at the end of the day, but AKT really lasts.

All natural

Great product and after trying many others I will stick with AKT I like the packaging and ease of use the assistant

So easy with the Applicator

I look forward to using the applicator in the morning to spread a little deodorant under my arms. It’s a quick and very satisfying task. The applicator is easy to hold and spread the deodorant exactly where I want it with no waste.


Great product!

I would recommend this product, I smell great and it last all day.