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I have tried and tested soooo many natural deodorants unsuccessfully, but this is my second time purchasing the AKT balm (one tube goes a long way!) as it really is doing the trick for me! I do not know how or why, but it works… To the point where I’ve found myself wondering if it really does use a natural formula. 🤣

Great product clean ingredients, highly recommended

Without harmful ingredients, bespoke scent that works with the body’s natural perspiration process whatever strength required. A good balance of deodorant and bespoke fragrance. Would like to see an amber/Oudh/rose edition. “Human friendly” and delivers its promise.

Highly recommended.

THE best natural deodorant

I've been looking for a natural deodorant that works for a few years now, have tried numerous others before coming across AKT in august 2021. I havent looked back, by far the best for fragrance and effectiveness. Cannot recommend highly enough. Please add more to your range soon, I will certainly be one of the first in the queue.

A great sustainable deodorant

I really love AKT's products! I bought a normal tube of the "Orange Grove" scent as I loved the scent from the tester and I really liked the sustainable aspects of the products so I also got the "After Thunder" as its the next one I am going to buy. I definitely recommend trying AKT!

So impressed with this product. Nice subtle fragrance, feels dry as soon as it's applied and works brilliantly. The best deodorant I've found!

Absolutely Fantastic Deodorant

I have been searching for a deodorant that just does what it says on the box, is genderless in its scent, protects my clothing from marks as well as the planet from unnecessary single use plastic waste, and this is the one that has delivered all of that and more!
All three scents are absolutely wonderful, the product keeps me fresh without irritation (I have very sensitive skin), the accessories are stylish and luxurious, and I have recommended this to others who are now as in love as I am with this balm!

Amazing stuff, lovely fragrance and works really well

It works !

Amazing. Tried so many before but this is it ! No irritation at all and works perfectly.

Blown away

Blown away how good this product is!! So easy to use!!

It's Fantastic!

Cannot recommend highly enough!

The Best (for me)

I have been though several tubes of AKT and it is by far the best deodorant (for me). Easy to apply and gives me fresh throughout the day.

One of the best natural deodorants out there

Having tried a few natural deodorants out there, none feel and work as good as Akt. Both my husband and myself have our favourite scents that we use and find that the keys work really well on each tube. I sometime need a little bit more on or need to reapply a bit more when hot weather or very active, but usually one application in the mornings works well for me.
If there could be any improvements made, then maybe adding a tool to piece the opening when new, as have to use a pen or something sharp, which has left tiny fragments of the metal behind in the first few squeezes of the product. I would also Love to see new fragrances developed to :)

Life changing stuff!

I love this stuff. It smells delicious and really works.


So impressed!

Bought the trial tubes and these are super. Wore it to a reformer Pilates class and it really held up. Going back to buy the big tube now!

Best of the best

The effect lasts for two days

This Works

Honestly this product is genius. I’ve used natural activated charcoal deodorant balm for about 4 years and it works, up to a point, but you have to keep reapplying, it stains clothes and I go through a jar in three weeks, faster during the recent heatwave.

The orange grove smell is utterly divine, the product works and three weeks in I still have loads in the tube. You really do only need a pea sized amount, it works, doesn’t need reapplying, doesn’t stain clothes and I love that the packaging is recyclable.

excellent product

three gorgeous fragrances to choose from and all really effective deodorants - the best natural/waste free product I've tried and I now also find it's better than other aluminium-based products like Mitchum. I think that's because my body adjusted to the natural deodorant, and if I ever randomly use aluminium-based it feels really sticky and uncomfortable. Maybe it always felt like that, I have just found something much better now with Akt!

Love my natural deodorant!

AKT is fantastic - deodorant is natural, clean and keeps me fresh all day. I absolutely love the scent and knowing it’s actually good for my skin is a great comfort - I highly recommend!

Good but not 24 hours

Excellent idea for the cream and love the ethos
of the company but it does not offer all day protection

SC.02 After Thunder Deodorant Balm

Excellent Product
Love everything about the deodorant balm .

It aktually works!

Love everything about this product and I’m a runner and it actually works!

Best natural deodorant

This is the best natural deodorant I’ve tried yet and I’ve tried so so many. Even my husband loves it. A tube also lasts us quite a long time so it’s worth it.

Love this even more!

Just opened my new tube of After Thunder and it smells even nicer than usual! Not sure if there has been a recent fragrance tweak but if so I love it! I would recommend this to everyone. It works brilliantly.

Brilliant Deoderant

Thank you for such a brilliant deoderant. I'm perimenopausal and everything had changed and this deoderant is a winner. Smells fantastic. Works amazingly and is well worth the purchase. Thanks AKT