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Really nice and does exactly what it says on the website

Call off the search. This is the best deodorant you'll ever find.

I've spent most of my adult life searching for a deodorant that's aluminium-free, gentle yet effective. This one ticks those boxes, plus smells divine and you can take it on your carry-on when you fly. Love it.


I found AKT after seeing an advert on Facebook. After trying the starter kit I was blown away by results. I love the fact that I feel dry all day regardless of the weather, activity and hormonal changes. I love the scent and the packaging too. Highly recommend!

Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!

I have to say guys you have certainly delivered. I am no dancer but I am active and have found finding a deodorant that works for me very time consuming and frustrating. I stumbled across your advert and you came across so sincerely. I’m so glad I got the discovery set and not only was I able to find a scent I loved but I gave the rest to my friends who are also subscribing.
The changing of seasons was always stressful, what will my body do today? Will my deodorant fail me today? Not anymore. I love applying, it feels so natural and smelling great.
I wish you success with your product, you guys deserve it. Toby

Amazing product

A great way to try all the scents and see if the product works for you

Excellent deodorant

Way better than my old anti-perspirant and deodorant. I'll never go back!

My go to deodorant

Easy to apply and great smell. Ideal for ‘one bag travel’.

Violet & tonka 🥰

Heavenly scent, wonderfully versatile,long lasting. A matching perfume is all I need now👍👻❤️

AKT deodorant balm vetiver lavandiin yuzu

Most devine sensual discovery....

I've been looking at making the swap from an aerosol antiperspirant to a more natural option, but everyone that I've tried hasn't worked as well as I'd have liked. Then I found AKT, and I'm now a convert! I always run hot, so even on cooler days, I'm quite sweaty, and working as an HGV driver means my armpits don't get a proper airing during the day. While I haven't found AKT to stop sweating, it definitely seems to reduce the amount. However, even after a long and sweaty day, my armpits still smell citrusy fresh, so it does tackle the odour. The balm goes on nicely, and on average, a tube lasts me between 6-7 weeks. The only slight constructive criticism of AKT is the scent options, which are marketed as gender neutral. This is mostly the case, apart from one (Colombia Road) that definitely seems more feminine and one that I would not wear. Whilst I know that wasn't intentional, it would still be nice to have a more masculine fragrance, something more woody/leathery, perhaps.

Outstanding product

Love this deodorant. The smell of SC.02 AFTER THUNDER is invigorating. I wear it when i exercise and it helps me to stay fresh. Doesn’t dry my skin out either. Honestly, i wouldn’t highly recommend it. 😍


I have tried many deodorants and was sceptical when I found AKT. All I can say is this was outstanding. It does exactly what they claim, no wet patches and if there is any swear on walks I never feel wet or have an odour, all I can smell is the deodorant. They also smell lovely too. I currently have 3 on the go at the moment and will never change my deodorant now I have found the best

Absolutely amazing product, works better than any other I’ve ever used! I can’t recommend it highly enough!

The Deodorant Balm SC.05

Favourite scent

This is my overall favourite of all five scents. It works wonderfully and this batch was again of the soft, easy-to-apply stuff.

The best deodorant

As a deodorant connoisseur, I have tried every type.

AKT is the only brand that doesn't make me smell and I only have to apply once a day.

Thank you so much for this amazing product!!!

Brilliant product and not a piece of plastic in sight. Best deodorant ever.

The Starter Set
zainab M.
Pleasantly surprised

I wasn't sure whether the cream deodorant and method of applying would suit me, however I've been very pleasantly surprised. Very easy to use, love the extra gua sha tips. The fragrance is just stunning - for the first time in my life I actually want to smell my armpits!! Thank you AKT - best decision I've made in a long time!!

Smells of Summer

Great product and really like the scent.

Amazing product

I’ve been using this product for nearly 4 weeks now and wow I wish I had started sooner

Great selection of products!

I'm a recent convert to AKT but had only tried the unperfumed one before now. This Discovery Set is such a great way to try out all the scents. I'm on Pomelo this week and liking the citrussy-ness of it. Looking forward to trying out the others!

A lovely way to sample all the beautiful scents and to share with friends.

My new normal

I was looking for a natural deodorant that was not wasteful, tried them all, then discovered AKT. Well I am converted and not going back.. love the scent, after thunder and one tube goes so far… really happy with the product and have been telling everyone that listens…

I wasn't keen. The tube got a bit grim at the end where product was still there, then into the lid. Not for me. Smelt nice though.


My partner has ALWAYS had body odur issues and I was totally ready to get away from traditional type deodorants. Somehow AKT found its way into our lives, and I’m not exaggerating when I say it has been life changing! We are both musicians ans sweat a lot during performances and since using AKT - my partner hasn’t had a b.o. issue since. We are utterly thrilled. I love the smell (we use the orange one), I love the feel, the packaging- it’s all round AMAZING