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Love it

I subscribed without testing it first (risking a smell I didn't know I was going to like) but from reading the reviews I realised that the assistant was a must and it came free with the subscription. I'm glad I did! The smell is very different from what I was expecting but I actually like it (I tried all three now). The packaging doesn't bother me because the assistant helps but I do understand why people struggle without. One thing is I'm not sure I will ever get through my current two tubes - they seem to last forever :) Well worth the price.

Still waiting to use it...

Finishing old first...


The best deodorant I’ve ever had. Love the smell and consistency. Truly recommended.

Orange grove

I bought orange grove. I can honestly say it’s the best deodorant I have ever had. Works for me and I love the smell. Would love to try out the other fragrances.


Love love these deos! They smell amazing and I am just in love. Also the assistant is a big help to get the cast out of the tube :)

Finally a deodorant that works!

I have tried many deodorants and have struggled to find one that won't let this strong smell on my clothes after wearing it for hours, AKT really works in that sense, smells very nice and wont stick to the clothes, i cant feel any smell at all to be honest! Its amazing!

Big smell in a small tube

I wasn’t sure I’d get what is been promised when it arrived through the door but it packs a punch and works like a dream. The smell is superb and lasts all day and more. The cap is a little fiddly but I think this is being addressed. Gold standard service to boot. Very happy with my subscription


this is the best smelling, most effective natural deodorant I have ever used and super friendly customer care, thank you guys at AKT, you rock xx


I made the switch to natural deodorants just over a year ago and wish I had known about this product sooner. This is the first one that actually works all day without being too waxy or oily to wash off properly and doesn’t stain clothes. I’ve only tried After Thunder so far but it smells and looks lovely. Yes the price is high and a tube squeezer such as the Assistant is essential, but when it works this well it’s a no brainer for me. Highly recommended.

Smells great, doesn’t irritate and keeps me fresh all day

Love this product and will definitely be buying again.
It smells delicious, but unlike other natural deodorants it doesn’t irritate my skin. I stay smelling fab all day. It doesn’t leave marks on clothes. A little goes a long way. Honestly, love it.

Revolutionised my life!

I can't tell you how happy AKT deodorant has made me. Well yes, I can and I will! As a perimenopausal woman, I have begun to smell extremely strange (and whisper it ...unpleasant but in a really odd way!) using regular deodorants and thought I was destined to have to shower three times a day for the foreseeable future. AKT has cured all of this and I smell amazing, even after exercise and in the morning. It's miraculous stuff.

Just brilliant..... all 3 scents.

Can't of a reason why I would any otherdeodorant😊🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟

Really good product

I am really happy that I have tried it. Most than likely I will order next tube, but definitely it needs “the assistant” to use it efficiently. Shame that there is no starter pack with small tubes of all scents and the assistant without applicator.

Hi David, so happy to read you love Akt. You'll be thrilled to know smaller sizes of The Deodorant Balm are coming later in the year. We have been working tirelessly to make plastic free sample sizes - its been hard but we are nearly there!


So glad I discovered this!

For the first time as an adult I feel confident to raise my arms at the end of a busy day. Tried orange grove first- brilliant. Currently using lavender. The tube can be a bit tricky, but I’m wise to it now, always warm it in my hand first- you only need a small amount each day. Great stuff, I’m definitely a new loyal customer.

Does everything it says it does

Great product and a company seemingly committed to making everything better

By far the best natural deodorant I have tried

By far the best natural deodorant I have tried. It lasts all day and does not stain the clothes. Thanks to Akt I am now using antiperspirants only from time to time, on very busy/stressful days when I know I will sweat really a lot. However, aluminium salts of antiperspirants irritate my skin and my quest for a natural deodorant to use on a daily basis has been really long and smelly 😊 - until I found Akt.
I am very pleased with the performance of Akt. The smell is fresh and very pleasant and it feels so hydrating on the skin.

Amazing product

My wife and I have been using Akt for 6 months and love it. The scent is fabulous and it works well at keeping us fresh throughout the day and beyond. It also doesn’t leave horrible stains on our clothes. Highly recommended

All you could want in a deodorant

I still can’t believe how brilliant this deodorant is! It is long lasting, a pleasure to use, and is in a fully recyclable stylish container. I love the smell of all three, and the colours!


Absolutely in love with this product. Not only does it smell amazing, look super classy and actually kinda fun to use, but it’s also organic. Love all of the smells which is the only downside as I never know which one to use!
Highly recommend!


Best deodorant

It goes on smooth. Feels dry, no staining on my clothes, it doesn’t wear off. I love it!

Just amazing!

I Love the product! After trying different brands -and spending a lot of money- on natural deodorants that did not do the job I finally found the one! I would buy a bigger size if it was available as I go through one in about 6 weeks.

Great product

After ending up heavily researching deodorants suitable for use during pregnancy some years ago, I moved away from my old popular brand deodorant spray/cream for health reasons. I'd tried several all natural alternatives but had never found them to be as efficient. I'd lost faith until reading about the AKT products and whilst more than I've spend on such products previously, I've found the orange grove deodorant not only offers equivalent or better protection than the artificial alternatives but the orange grove scent is wonderful. I'm definitely a convert and have already recommended to others.

Amazing product

It feels amazing to find a natural product that actually works. I'm so impressed

Was sceptical... but not now

Our son is a 14 year old elite gymnast and he has suffered with strong body odour since he was about 9 years old. We initially found a crystal based product, which worked 'ok' for a while but from about the age of 11 the odour would come through within hours of him showering. We were really beginning to feel his pain (what with secondary school and 5 gymnastics training sessions per week). We decided to look for alternatives and stumbled upon AKT... The reviews seemed far too good to be true (and somewhat cynical) but we took the plunge and purchased 'After Thunder'.
That was 5 weeks ago and can we just say, we are no longer sceptics... This product is a game-changer for our son. He applies his After Thunder each time he showers, and not once has his body odour broken through (even on the days where he has skipped a shower). It's truly incredible and we look forward to purchasing The Onsen and The Orange Grove, to see how they compare for scent and longevity (our daughter is a budding dancer and will certainly need some soon).
We are keeping our fingers crossed that it continues to work so well for him, we are pleased to hear that you guys are working on the formula (to help get it out of the tube) as that will make application a little easier.
Great stuff and thank you.
The best to you.
The McCoy Family.