August 21, 20

Celebrate Men's Grooming Day with AKT

In honour of Men's Grooming Day, the cast of AKT is sharing our best 'behind the scenes' tips to look and feel your best—even if you're stuck at home. 

Feel like you’re showering less these days? Concerned that your “real clothes” have forgotten you exist? Wondering what day it is, and if you even need to change out of sweats (*checks calendar*) Us too…

Well, guess what? It happens to be “Men’s Grooming Day” (yes it’s a thing, we checked) and we’re here to help you revamp your routine with some simple swaps and tips that’ll make a big difference. 

Time for some “shelf” care 

First things first. Let’s have a look at what’s on your bathroom shelf. 

We shouldn’t have to say this - but get rid of anything with a funky look or smell. If you’re unsure when you bought it, or haven’t used it in months - toss it.

If you have some sense of when you purchased a product, check out these often easy-to-miss symbols on their packaging. 

  • PAO - let's you know how many months it will stay fresh after opening
  • Recycle symbol - always look for this one to know you're helping the planet 
  • Plastic free symbol - even better for the earth— know you’re not adding to the landfill 

Once you’ve done that, here are some tips to make things easier the next time around. No more playing the ‘I wonder how old this thing is’ guessing game. We hope. 

  • Keep it cool: Swap your storage space. Most grooming products are best kept in cool, dry places. If you’re storing items close to a steam filled shower or on a windowsill, see if you can get creative and pop them into someplace cooler. 
  • Keep it clean(er): anything that comes in a pot can get contaminated with germs if you’re dipping your fingers in and out of it. Use a cotton bud instead. 

Refine your skincare routine 

If your current skincare routine consists of washing your face (whilst you shower) we won’t judge. If it consists of 7 steps and is so complicated that you need a spreadsheet to keep track - we won’t judge that either. The important thing is finding a routine that works well for you, and sticking to it. Consistency is key when it comes to your skin. 

If you’re a skincare novice, here are some great places to start: 

While there’s tons of info out there, we’ll give you a few of our own tips as well. 

  • Ever feel like your skin is super dry after using a face wash? Well, that’s because you’re stripping all that moisture from it. Ditch the face wash and go Roman by opting for a face balm. The oils will cleanse and hydrate the skin much better than a quick wash. You’ll look years younger… we promise.
  • For those of you who think water = moisture. Think again. Your daily shower doesn’t count when it comes to hydrating your skin! If you don’t already use one, you need a moisturiser. Some of our favorites are this one from The Ordinary, the Snail Bee High Content Lotion from Benton Korean (trust us), and the Perfect Facial Hydrating Cream from Aesop. 
  • While you’re looking for products, we’d recommend looking for a non-comedogenic option (to avoid clogging your pores) 
  • If you’re oily it means your skin is actually super dry and is over producing oil to keep it hydrated! It might sound counter intuitive, but applying a face oil will help keep your skin looking matte. We recommend the rosehip face oil from Balm Balm.
  • Lastly - stay hydrated. Keep a big bottle of water at your workspace, and make sure to refill it often. Your skin will thank you. 

Make WFH [Work from Home] work for you 

While we’re not encouraging you to steal from your partners and/or flatmates, we kind of are. Working from home is the perfect time to test new products. Ask nicely... or just borrow a small enough amount that they won’t notice ;). 

This additional at-home time is a great way to revamp your routine and figure out what new products work for you. Here are a couple that we’d suggest looking into: 

  • Micellar water: these handy products are loved for their amazing ability to remove makeup - but they’re also a great way to end your work day - makeup or not. If you’re not up for washing your face (we don’t blame you) this is a quickie solution that’ll help you wipe that slate clean just in time for happy hour. Even if ‘happy hour’ is happening alone on your couch. 
  • Natural Deodorant:  we know our balms work - they were born to perform!. But if you’re new to natural and want to give it a test drive before hitting the town (or the office), now is the perfect time. 
    • Bonus: you may even find yourself with a new signature scent - no need for cologne. Our meticulously crafted scents are filled with active botanicals and essential oils that’ll make you wonder why you ever wanted to smell like “Sport Cool” or “Clean Comfort.”
  • Foot Peels: you’ll either love or hate this one. They’re admittedly pretty gross, but also pretty effective. If your feet need some TLC, feel free to try one of these (in the comfort of your own home). 
    • Here’s a review (with lot’s of foot photos. If you’re into that kind of thing). 
  • Mask On: more time spent at home means more time to refresh your skin. Here are some good options, just make sure your camera is set to off on that next call. We don’t know what your boss will think of your sheet mask. 

Treat Yourself 

Let’s face it, 2020 has been the pits (again, we can’t resist a deodorant joke). If your week, month or even your year has been sh*%, there’s nothing wrong with treating yourself. Actually, we really recommend it. We might be biased, but here’s what our team turns to when it’s time for a treat: 

The Applicator - this handy deodorant applicator is one of our secret weapons. And not just because we made it. This product was inspired by the Chinese practice of Gua Sha and encourages lymphatic drainage and micro-circulation around your underarms, chest and neck - leaving you feeling less tense and more energized after every use. 

SC. 02 Ext. After Thunder Natural Deodorant - helps us hit refresh with fragrances like cedar, eucalyptus, bitter orange and rosemary.

Farmacy ‘Honeymoon’ Serum - about as close as we’re getting to an extended holiday this summer. 

Image by: Cubid CBD

Photo by: Cubid CBD 

Cubid ‘Re:vive’ Stay Active CBD Gel - a saviour for when you hit the ‘at home workout’ a little too hard. 

Kiehl’s Facial Fuel - the most refreshing face scrub we’ve found. Perfect for the end of a hot summer day. Or a slightly hungover morning. 

Image by: Isle of Paradise

Photo by: Isle of Paradise

Isle of Paradise Tanning Water - another one that somewhat softens the blow of our ruined summer plans. Bonus… it doesn’t smell like biscuits and won’t leave you with streaks. Simply spritz, moisturise and then WASH YOUR HANDS! 

Get Grooming 

So there you have it. We’re big fans of finding small ways to make our time at home more “self-care” focused instead of sloppy. While it feels good to laze around in sweats, it also feels good to give yourself a bit of luxury - and we’re giving you permission because it is Men’s Grooming Day after all! 


Written by AKT London