August 18, 23

Face to Face with AKT

We’re sure you’ve all worked out by now that you can put AKT wherever you need it.

Armpits? Check.

Pecs? Check.

Forearms? Check.

But before we started making deodorant, we’d never even CONSIDERED putting deodorant on our faces, which made us pose the question:

“If you wouldn’t put it on your face, why would you put it on your armpits?!”

AKT’s natural and kind to skin formula means we don’t have to think twice about applying deodorant to help keep your face sweat-free, but don’t just take our word for it. We asked makeup artists who are also part of our Cast to give us their best tips on incorporating AKT into your facial routine…

Did you know you can use AKT in your oily areas to help keep yourself feeling dry?

“I use it my t-zone as I get a really shiny nose through the day and it did a great job of mattifying without drying my skin out.” Richard Davis - @theskincarestooge

The Arrowroot powder in our Deo-Barrier Complex absorbs unwanted moisture so you can feel confident and dry. 

Another aspect of AKT that appealed was the plastic free packaging.

I try to be conscious of products I use. As a Makeup Artist, I do value biodegradable packaging for products, natural ingredients and plastic free’s.” Saphron Morgan - @saphart

"This deodorant REALLY works and smells AMAZING!!! It's the best" @dominic_mua

Whether you’re in the beauty industry or not it’s important to consider how the products we buy will impact the planet after we finish using them. Makeup Artists have a high turnover of products so it’s nice to know that AKT isn’t contributing to any extra waste.

One Makeup Artist pointed out the difference between AKT to a stick deodorant.

“It’s much more sanitary.“ Saphron Morgan - @saphart

Stick deodorants come into direct contact with your armpits. Then it touches your face…DRAMA!

Applying AKT with your fingers avoids skin contact with the remainder of the balm in the tube so you can rest assured that you’re not cross-contaminating.

Of course we’re always curious to find out our AKT-er’s favourite AKT scent and the most popular amongst the makeup artists were the SC.02 After Thunder and the SC.05 Columbia Road.

Whichever fragrance you choose, having a new step in your facial routine can really come in handy. So the next time you apply your AKT deodorant balm, try using it somewhere new that needs some extra love — no sweat!


Written by AKT London