December 23, 22

Say hello to our NEW and IMPROVED packaging!

Have you heard the news….?

We are always working on ways to improve our products and taking on feedback from our Cast. Thanks to you, we've now reduced our packaging. Our boxes are now slimmer and will fit through most letterboxes. ⁠

Here at AKT, we will continue to be as sustainable as possible WITHOUT compromising on quality. That’s why we decided to reduce our box sizes to ensure we are only using the materials we need, whilst still maintaining our timeless design. 

Alongside our packaging, The Deodorant Balm uses natural ingredients filled within an Aluminum tube, making AKT 100% plastic free, natural, cruelty free and vegan

Whilst we’d love to create hundreds of scents for you to try, we believe AKT doesn’t need to follow trends in order to be loved by many. We want to encourage our customers to buy better in order to buy less. Therefore our scents are timeless and can be used all year round. Our formulas use high quality ingredients to prolong the life cycle of our product, making it a deodorant that matches the value for money, lasting as long as you need it to. 

We will continue to be committed to improve and innovate our products and business processes so that AKT creates a positive impact on the planet and gives you the best experience possible for your underarms! 

We always love hearing from you, so feel free to ALWAYS get in touch on our socials, or email us at with any feedback or comments. Or just to say hi!⁠


Written by AKT London