November 20, 20

AKT's 2020 Gift Guide

Our 2020 guides include a wide selection of our favourite gifts — featuring some fun and unique finds, ethical options, and ways to support small businesses this season. 

Here's what this week's edition includes: 


Whether they’re partial to their at-home yoga routine or love to hit up any/all boutique fitness classes (when they’re open, of course) we’ve got something for all fitness fans. You're about to upgrade their sweat sesh in a big way. 


Since we’ve been proudly plastic-free since day 1, we’d be failing in our mission of being a better company for people and the planet if we didn’t share some green gifting options. These unique eco-friendly presents will please anyone who appreciates the planet. Which hopefully…is a lot of us


A behind-the-scenes look at what we're planning on gifting to our nearest and dearest. If you have a friend, family member or partner who works at AKT, please stop reading now ;) 
Fitness Gift Guides
  1. Sweaty Betty Super Grip Yoga Mat, £65, The gift of stability - priceless.

  2. LuluLemon “The Towel,” £35, Super absorbent, multi-functional and travel-friendly (fingers crossed for 2021).

  3. AKT 'SC 02 Ext. After Thunder' Deodorant Balm, £18, We try not to play favourites, but when we do — SC. 02 is our go-to scent for a tough workout. It makes us feels like total badasses, and works almost as hard as we do. Unless we’re laying in savasana - in which case, it works WAY harder.

  4. A Good Bottle, £26, their new sidekick. Keeps things chill.

  5. Recycled Bamboo Foam Roller, £49.95, An eco-conscious choice made with recycled materials and 50% renewable energy sources.

  6. Bala Bangles, £49.00, Add some extra resistance to their at-home workout. Bonus - buy these from a small business like Louisa Drake Studio - a local London fitness spot, and a top pick from a member of our team. 

  7. 1Rebel Gift Card, various pricing, Get them a gift card to their favourite fitness studio, so they can support a small business during these crazy times, and have something to look forward to in 2021. Also good for enemies, as 1Rebel says, “Give the gift of pain.”


Eco Friendly Gifts 
    1. A set of 6 reusable straws, £25, Glass straws so gorgeous, they’ll never think about using plastic again.

    2. Sol Cup, £24 (currently on sale £18), Beautiful hand blown glass cups for coffee, tea or something a little stronger ;) (we won’t tell).

    3. Anything from the AKT gift shop!, prices start at £9 - A shameless self-plug, but you can feel good about any purchase from us. We’re plastic free, vegan, cruelty free and all-natural. Our tubes are 100% recyclable.

    4. La Pochette Sweat Bag, £30, a company focused on removing “hidden” single use plastics from our daily lives - in a gorgeous, useful way.

    5. Ocean Bottle, £40, Good for them, the oceans, and communities - we particularly like that Ocean Bottle empowers individuals in coastal communities to access money, healthcare, education, tech and micro-finance in exchange for plastic collected.

    6. Nut & Noggin Shampoo Bar, £15, Give them soft, shiny hair, without a bit of plastic in sight. Nut & Noggins’s sulphate free, vegan shampoo bar lasts twice as long as a regular shampoo and £1 from every sale goes towards helping young people who are facing mental health challenges.

 Planet Friendly Presents

  1. The Ensemble, £80, Absolutely everything a newbie needs to AKT. All three scents plus our two favourite tools. What more could you want?
  2. The cosiest Fair Isle Romper, from £32, If only this came in our size. The perfect gift for Andy’s new nephew. Shhh don’t ruin the surprise!
  3. Boy Smells Rhubarb Smoke Candle, £45, These candles are an AKT team favourite, and this one is in a fancy holiday friendly container? We’ll take two. And we might only give one as a gift.
  4. Slip Silk Eye Mask, £50, so they can close their eyes and feel their stress melt away. For at few hours at least ;)
  5. Soapsmith Special Christmas Soap, £10, We have a few friends who need to clean up their acts. This will be our not-so-subtle hint. And it smells amazing too.
  6. Le Labo Santal 33 Scent, £57, for someone special (who may have been stuck inside with us for far too long).
  7. BottleShot Cold Brew, starting at £6, for the sole American on the AKT team who can never find a good iced coffee (which they drink all year round).
  8. CDLP Boxer Brief Set, £75, for someone who needs to upgrade their underwear game (and no, we’re not sharing who that might be).
  9. “The Lore Collector” Travel Set, £57, We're buying this one in hopes that we’ll all be able to travel sometime soon.
  10. Longbottom & Co. Hot Sauce,£6 to spice things up next year.

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Written by AKT London