May 24, 24

This bank holiday is all about you

With the bank holiday approaching, it's time to disconnect and make some time for yourself. Here are some tips for self-care activities and wellness ideas that you can enjoy during this holiday!

At-Home Pampering

Transform your living space into a mini-retreat for the day. Practise some yoga, meditate, journal, or do some arts and crafts. Finish with an evening of pampering and massage. Treat yourself to a refreshing shower or bath and apply AKT's natural deodorant balm with The Applicator. Indulge in your favourite scent and let it transport you to a place of comfort.

Did you know The Applicator was inspired by the Chinese practice of Gua Sha? This versatile tool not only aids in applying the balm but also doubles as a body massager, helping you relieve tension and promote micro-circulation around your underarms, chest, and neck. This is the perfect way to elevate your rituals and pamper nights. 


Outdoor Escapes  

Visiting your local parks or going on hiking trails is an excellent idea. Play your favourite music, or take your friends and family with you, and enjoy disconnecting from the hustle and bustle. Plus, you might get to see some of the spring blooms! If you live around the London area, we recommend Hampstead Heath, Richmond Park, or Epping Forest.

Theatre and Dining 

With multiple theatres opening during the bank holiday, we encourage you to go and see a play. You'll have the opportunity to relax and let yourself be transported to a different world. (We recently went to see "Moulin Rouge!" in London and we loved it!)

There’s also nothing like treating yourself or your loved ones to a nice meal or drink outside. Some of our recommendations within London include "Oranj" for fine natural wines, "Lina Stores" for an evening of authentic Italian dining, and for those looking to enjoy some food and drinks with a view, we recommend "Joia’s Rooftop Bar".

This bank holiday is your perfect excuse to prioritise yourself. Let AKT boost your rituals as you focus on wellness and personal care. Treat yourself to our natural deodorant, renew your energy before the week ahead, and feel ready to perform again.

Written by AKT London