October 10, 21


We are huge advocates for mental health and we will always try to prioritise and look after our own wellness. When developing The Deodorant Balm, self-care was a huge driver for us. We were adamant to make the everyday task of applying deodorant into a much more enjoyable experience.

Applying deodorant is such a mundane, quick process for most – but why? You wouldn’t apply a chemically fueled aerosol to your face so why would you apply it to your underarms. It’s time to start taking care of all aspects of yourself.

There are two elements of self-care we have instilled into The Deodorant Balm. The first is our fine fragrances inspired by scenes in nature – the perfect way to start your day. Gone are the days of smelling like a teenager and fresh linen. We particularly refer to SC.03 The Onsen, our aromatherapy inspired fragrance, heavy in citrus and lavender. Drawn from our experiences of bathing in natural springs in Japan. Gorgeous right?!


Lavender has a history that goes back over 2,500 years. It was first used to scent baths, beds, clothes and hair, with medicinal and aromatherapeutic properties widely celebrated today. Universally used to restore calm, lavender also holds anti-inflammatory benefits and helps to diminish morning anxiety. 

There is a lot of research suggesting that there is a powerful connection between scents and cognitive function, with certain fragrances being proven to lower stress levels and improve overall mental outlook. Therefore, fragrance was a huge priority when developing The Deodorant Balms. Explore our other scents here.

The second element of self-care we have brought into the brand is The Applicator. Inspired by the Chinese practice of Gua Sha, this multi-use tool can relieve tension, boost immunity and increase blood circulation from a few simple strokes across the skin. See... self-care can start right from when you apply your deodorant. 

We really hope you enjoy applying AKT as part of your morning ritual. The reviews we receive blow us away and the impact the product has had on other people’s wellness makes building the AKT brand more than worth it. 


In light of World Mental Health Day we wanted to highlight a powerful TEDx talk that founder, Ed gave as he was creating AKT. It outlines the strategies that helped him deal with self doubt when working through a career change that has brought you AKT. Even if this video helps one person, it’s done it’s job.



Look after yourselves,

Ed & Andy x


Written by AKT London