December 14, 23

AKT DIY Gift Guide

There’s no way around it - this year has been financially tough. So if you want to show someone you love them on a budget then this is the gift guide for you. 

Giving doesn’t have to cost the Earth. A personalised gift, made with love, can be cherished and admired. Plus you have the opportunity to make it TAILORED to them. 

Here are some ideas to get you started. 

Handmade Heroes



Air-dry clay is a simple and inexpensive way to create gifts with a BIG impact. You may even enjoy the process of making it too - win-win! Create a handy dish for them to keep their trinkets in.; make them a personalised fridge magnet; craft candle holders or coasters to match their personality. The possibilities are endless!

Kitchen Kings




 If you’re handy in the kitchen, it’s your time to SHINE! A box of their favourite holiday goodies would go down a treat. 

You could make some homemade oils infused with their flavour of choice: chilli, garlic or rosemary are some classic ones. 

Alternatively, you can create a kit for them to bake a treat whenever they want it. Fill a jar with the dry ingredients and create a decorated recipe card. 

Memory Maker


If you’re good at collecting pictures, ticket stubs and memorabilia why not make them something they can treasure forever? Every trip you made together and every concert you lost your voices at can be documented in a scrapbook, memory box or photo frame. It’s like a time capsule of their year and they’ll love you for it. 

The Gift of Time



If they’re into experiences over physical gifts (which is also a great way to protect the planet) why not plan a special day for you both? Fill that time with their favourite activities and spend some uninterrupted time together. You could even create a gift certificate book with promises that they can redeem whenever they want. 

However you want to show people in your life that you love them, we hope you do it your own way and make it special for them. 

Happy Holidays!

Written by AKT London