October 15, 21

Enhance your morning ritual with SC.02 After Thunder

For most people, the process of finding the perfect natural deodorant can be frustrating. The tedious journey of trial and error with various roll-ons, balms and solid deodorants can be both expensive and disappointing. 

Here at AKT, we’ve done the trial and error process for you. Our deodorants have been tried, tested and approved by London’s West End performers, and believe us… it gets pretty sweaty backstage. Our premium natural deodorant is designed with efficacy, strong environmental ethics, and premium fragrances at its forefront. All our formulations are made in the UK, and poured into our signature, vibrant, plastic-free packaging.

When you try AKT, it’s not just a matter of simply “changing deodorants”, you are enhancing your skincare ritual. Take a moment to read some of our reviews to hear what our Cast have to say about The Deodorant Balm

Not only do our balms enhance the quality of your skincare routine, their sophisticated fragrances contribute to your experience.

Our SC.02 After Thunder fragrance imitates the feel of a walk through the woods after a thunderstorm. With the initial smell of damp cedar, followed by fresh leaves and citrus. All making the experience of getting ready for the day all the more comforting and refreshing.   

SC.02 After Thunder

The storm leaves an air of calm in  forest, citrus rays trickle down from towering conifers, and you float over a base of petrichor as the cedarwood awakens with rainfall. 

The cedar is the source of one of the world's earliest perfumes, with great significance in ancient culture. The trees became ships and temples, and cedar groves were said to be the dwelling places of the gods. The physical strength equals its emotionally stabilising vigour, burned as incense during ceremonies, cloaking the body in a shroud of tranquility.”

As a natural lymphatic stimulant, the cedar infusions of After Thunder pair magically with The Applicator for your morning ritual. SC.02 is an experience for those wishing to alleviate disturbance and to find peace, away from turbulent thoughts and feelings. 

The calm, after the storm. 



Written by AKT London