March 04, 22

How To Transition Your Skincare From Winter To Spring

Spring is the season of new beginnings. And let’s admit it, you’ve already started ditching your scarves for your sunglasses and swapped your puffer coats for cardigans. Warmer weather can’t come soon enough!

But something many of us forget to switch up is our skin care. The change of seasons can drastically affect our skin barrier and as we adapt to longer periods of sun exposure and humidity, our skin care products should adjust too. 

Not sure which changes you should be making? Follow our spring skin care tips below for healthy, glowy skin success.


First thing’s first. When your skin makes the transition from winter to spring, you should, quite literally, have a spring clean of your bathroom cabinet. Even if you have an impressive collection, products can form a build up of bacteria over time, which can lead to clogged pores and skin irritations. And it might be the reason you’ve noticed a few extra breakouts lately... 

Solution? Double check the expiry dates of your skincare products and discard anything that’s past the sell by date. But no-one likes waste here, so keep it eco-friendly and empty out any leftover product, clean any glass containers and recycle them appropriately.  


Harsh winds, freezing temperatures and central heating has forced our skin barriers into a reduction of sebum production, ultimately causing dry, flaky and lacklustre skin. 

Let’s leave that in the past, shall we?

As the seasons change, opting for a light exfoliator is the perfect way to remove dead skin cells and bring a fresh layer of skin to the surface. In fact, this step is critical to helping the rest of your products absorb and soak into the skin seamlessly. However, over exfoliation can lead to increased sensitivity and redness. So there’s no need to exfoliate more than 1-2 times a week. 

Smell like the season

A change in seasons can mean a mental shift, and what better way to accompany that than by switching up your deodorant scent. In fact, scent can heavily affect our mood, feelings and concentration. So why not choose a natural deodorant that injects the essence of spring into your every day? Who knows, you might find a new favourite.

For those wanting to restore calm we’d opt for SC.03 The Onsen, our aromatherapy inspired fragrance. Drawn from our experiences of bathing in natural springs in Japan, the synergy of natural ingredients is the perfect choice to diminish any morning anxieties.

Or if you prefer fresh leaves, cedar infusions and citrus rays of morning sunlight, SC.02 After Thunder will be your first choice. This scent imitates the feel of a walk through the woods after a thunderstorm (April showers bring May flowers right?). Its woody, aromatic notes of eucalyptus transport you to a place you’ve never been before, but feels oh so familiar.

De-Stress and De-Puff

A particular trend that became the top self care treat of 2021 was the practice of Gua Sha. Perfect for boosting blood circulation and lymphatic drainage, we saw everyone fitting in a five minute face de-puffing routine at the end of the day. 

But what about prioritising your body? Over here at AKT we created The Applicator. Made from premium brass, our must-have tool can help release heat, tension and inflammation around your underarms, chest and neck.

Pro Tip: Pair this tool with The Deodorant Balm for the perfect AKT of self-care.

Lighten up your life

Don’t get us wrong, during the winter months our skin needs as much hydration as it can get. But as the warmer weather approaches, our skin will start to retain more moisture, so you won’t need the protection of heavier moisturiser as much. 

Instead, try switching to a lighter moisturiser. This consistency will generally be much more light weight, comfortable on your skin and less likely to clog pores too. 

SPF all the way

Longer days, means more exposure to the sun. Whilst sunshine is good for your skin in moderation, it’s still important to protect your skin from UV rays to avoid long term damage. That’s why including SPF, no matter what season you’re in, is an absolute must. 

With that being said, SPF should always be the last step in your routine to keep your skin hydrated and protected from sun damage. P.S this will also help prevent signs of ageing too. 

Either apply on top of a lighter moisturiser or alternatively, find one that includes a minimum of SPF30 in it. 

So, now that you have your checklist ready, it’s time to come out of hibernation and start prioritising your skin in time for spring and summer months ahead! 


Written by AKT London