February 28, 24


Hello, Ed and Andy here. If you’ve been following our socials over the last few months you’ll see we did something a little unexpected for a brand our size... WE LAUNCHED IN AMERICA!

It's going even better than we had hoped so we thought we’d round up what we’ve done so far.

In November 2023 we gifted AKT to every single performer in a Broadway show. Emulating how we first started with London’s West End. Safe to say, it was a hit!...

We considered this our “soft launch” to see if the appetite for a natural deodorant that works was there. It was!

We documented the whole 2 weeks we were there and we squeezed a LOT including:...

Sampling events with the two biggest dance studios in NYC, Broadway Dance Center and Steps On Broadway. 

We of course, had to have a full content shoot while there. We worked with the wonderful Rich and Saul shooting video and photos all over this city… Yes, there is some stunning content to come!

You can see more in the “soft launch” videos of The AKT Diaries: Breaking America here.

Now onto the BIG events and the OFFICIAL LAUNCH. We revisited NYC at the end of January 2024 to throw our first press events.

U.S. Press Event No.1 - We turned a Soho apartment into a backstage haven and met what felt like every beauty editor in NYC and more! We built a dressing room table to showcase our story and the products, then we walked them through where AKT began and let them try the products for themselves. We were a HIT... especially with our Britishisms like "hob" and "aluminium". It was an incredible turn out, with people from Vogue, Oprah Daily, Harper’s Bazaar, Elle and more. 

U.S. Press Event No.2 - We partnered with Broadway Dance Center to throw a dance event for influencers and press; a chance to really put AKT to the test! We were thrilled to have fellow Brit and Broadway Star Sophie Carmen Jones (currently starring as Nini in Moulin Rouge, Broadway) teach us the opening number and just have an all round great (and sexy!) time. Even we dusted off our dancin' shoes. What a turn out! Thank you everyone for joining in. Voulez-vous coucher avec AKT!

It’s safe to say we have ARRIVED in the U.S.A, but it's still early days and we aren’t taking any of it for granted. But in case you didn’t know AKT is now available across the whole of the US. Stay tuned for more content and plans.. We have many!

Written by AKT London