April 08, 21

14 Tips for a healthy and natural morning routine

Has anyone else been struggling with their morning routine during lockdown? Just us? We thought not. Weird sleep patterns, working from home, and serious monotony have all impacted on how fresh we feel when the sun rises. 

There’s nothing worse than starting a Zoom call feeling groggy and linked up to caffeine. However, there are some ways to give your body the kick start it needs. And guess what? We’ve found them. 

What is a healthy morning routine

A healthy morning routine is anything that makes you feel calmer and more prepared for the day ahead. It’s all about getting rid of bad morning habits and toxins, whether that’s in the products you use for your skincare or what you put in your porridge. 

Sleep also plays a huge factor, so try and find what works best for you. Once your sleep is sorted then this will have a big impact on your morning routine. Getting the right balance helps set the tone for your day ahead, helps you focus better at work and is overall a better solution for your mental health. 

Wondering how to start your day right? Start your night right first

People often look to successful people in business to see what their winning formula is. Elon Musk apparently sleeps for six hours, Anna Wintour goes to bed at 10pm so she can get up at 5am for a game of tennis before work, while Oprah Winfrey gets just five, going to sleep at 2am and waking up naturally at 7am. However, sleep expert Matt Walker suggests between seven and nine hours is the perfect amount.

As well as this, watch what you eat before bed; eating too late can stop your body from getting a good night’s rest. Set a bedtime and stick to it – you can even set a reminder on your phone or through an app to tell you the best time to rest your weary head. Then, it’s just about what you do in the morning...

14 morning routine ideas to get you out of bed

    1. Wake up early: Studies show that people who get out of bed earlier in the morning are happier and healthier people. Not a morning person? Try training yourself by gradually moving your wake-up time a few minutes earlier each day. 
    2. Don’t hit snooze on your alarm clock: You might think that getting a few extra minutes in bed is worth it, but studies show that snoozing your alarm clock messes with your REM pattern because it allows your body to start a new sleep cycle, leaving you feeling groggy. 
    3. Let natural light in: Dark-light cycles regulate sleep-wake cycles, so to tell your body it’s time to wake up by pulling back the curtains and letting natural light into your room. It’s also proven to boost your mood and leave you feeling energised. 
    4. Swap coffee for lemon water: You might think guzzling 10 cups of coffee is going to help, but it can actually do the reverse. Swap them instead for a glass of water with a slice of lemon to hydrate, boost vitamin C, improve your skin, and give you much better morning breath!
    5. Pay attention to your skin: Self-care is one of the most important parts of a morning routine. Spending just a few extra minutes hydrating your skin, cleansing your pores and using natural products can make the world of difference.
    6. Eat a healthy breakfast: Tucking into a nutritious meal first thing is proven to be great for our health, wellbeing, and cognitive performance. It also stops you getting hangry during meetings.
    7. Go outside: Fresh air is a great way to boost your mood and slowly wake up. A gentle soothing walk will leave you feeling refreshed and ready for the day.
    8. Read a book: Blue light from your phone messes with circadian sleep patterns, so switch to a book instead to ease you into a new day.
    9. Meditate:  Often stressing about the day ahead can make getting up in the morning even more difficult, so start your morning with meditation or breathing exercises to aid relaxation.
    10. Write a diary: Clear your head of worries or write down your dreams in a diary. It helps to focus your mind on things that really matter.
    11. Write a to-do list: Reduce stress and suss out what you really need to get done today with a concise to-do list. It’ll help focus your energies in the right places.
    12. Exercise: Workouts are proven to boost endorphins and leave you feeling refreshed and invigorated, whether it’s a light walk or a full HIIT workout.
    13. Listen to a podcast: Mobile phones mess with your natural system, so switch to a podcast instead. Plus, it’ll help grow your knowledge.
    14. Stick to your routine: None of the above is going to have any effect if you do it only once or twice a week. Ease slowly into this new way of living and stick to it to reap the benefits. 

What’s the best natural deodorant for a healthy morning routine?

As we mentioned above, getting rid of nasties in your bathroom is one of the best ways to boost your new self-care routine. Ditching chemicals and using natural ingredients in products has been clinically proven to be better for your skin, your body and your overall health. 

AKT natural deodorants are designed as plastic free, cruelty free and aluminium free deodorant balms for all genders. Through a unique blend of the finest natural ingredients like Shea Butter, Calendula Oil, and Vitamin E you can help nourish your body and leave your underarms smelling fresh. 

Which natural deodorant should you choose? 

It’s difficult to know which one will suit you best so we’ve broken it down into the type of morning feeling you might be after. Picture this: 

Sc.01 Ext. Orange Grove: The morning sun is warm and inviting and an ice cold, freshly squeezed orange juice sits on a wooden table top, against a backdrop of the rolling Tuscan hills. You can smell the sweet aromas burst from the freshly peeled orange and the softness of nearby neroli blossom. 

Sc.02 Ext. After Thunder: It’s tropical and exciting outside. The smell of damp cedar and fresh leaves rushes through the window. A thunderstorm is clearing, leaving bright blue sky up ahead with bright citrus rays of morning light cutting through the air. 

Sc.03 Ext. The Onsen: Cold air greets you with a quick splash to the face as you take a step out of a warming morning soak in an onsen. It clears your mind and calms you, so you can appreciate the quiet of the epic mountains around you. 

Next time you want to hit the snooze button, simply imagine yourself in one of these scenes. By surrounding yourself with natural products for a comforting self-care session and sticking to a morning routine that works, you’ll feel more invigorated than ever before. It’s time to nurture that sparky, morning person inside you – they’re in there somewhere...

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Written by AKT London