July 01, 24


July is plastic-free month, so we wanted to put together a show-stopping plastic-free collaboration. Plastic is non-biodegradable and can take up to 1000 years to break down — threatening wildlife, spreading toxins, damaging soil… And with microplastics now making their way into the food and products we consume, it can also have serious health impacts. That’s why it’s important to, when possible, build a sustainable living. That’s why we have partnered up with Allavare!

Natural and Plastic-Free Laundry Care

In an industry dominated by wasteful and toxic laundry care products, Allavare’s products are natural, handmade, and plastic-free  — helping your skin stay healthy and your clothes clean and fresh. 

Inspired by Eco-Conscious Ambition

Founded by Ed in his farm’s shed workshop, the brand has kicked off and is set to make a difference in the laundry business. His ambition to change the industry is truly inspirational and reflects the growing demand for eco-conscious brand alternatives among consumers.

AKT’s Commitment to a Sustainable Future

This ambition resonates with AKT’s! Born in a tiny kitchen in Camden, The Deodorant Balm has now become the UK’s most-awarded deodorant.  AKT helps you reduce plastic waste with our plastic-free packaging, is made with natural ingredients that help you feel fresh and dry, and doesn’t stain your clothes!

Shop and Learn More

Maintaining a zero-waste lifestyle can feel like a lot of work  — but we want to make introducing eco-friendly products even easier. So for this month only (July 2024), whenever you order two products at Allavare you get a free mini tube of AKT! 

Shop The Deodorant Balm now and test its performance or get your free sample when ordering from Allavare

Want to learn more about our collaboration with them? Watch our interview with Ed over on our Instagram! 

Written by AKT London