June 28, 24


Here’s to Pride Month 2024!

June is the month to celebrate the LGBTQ+ community and bring awareness to the challenges faced within it. Galvanised by the Stonewall uprisings in 1970, Pride celebrations have become a beacon for inclusivity and LGBTQ+ rights. With a focus on highlighting the more marginalised groups such as the lesbian, bisexual, and transgender community — Pride invites everyone to celebrate.

AKT is a gender-free brand that focuses on inclusivity—and with two proud gay men at its helm (Ed and Andy), we couldn’t be prouder to celebrate this important date.


For us, it’s about creating an inclusive workplace where everyone can be themselves without fear or judgement. That’s why today we wanted to shine a spotlight on the LGBTQ+ employees behind AKT..

We asked the queer men in our team—Ed, Andy, Ben, Aaron, Elliot, Regan, and Luke—to share a bit about what they do at AKT. We've also included some glowing reviews from Ed and Andy!


I’m Ed. I’m really tall. I don’t really know what I do at AKT because I seem to cross over everything. From copywriting and new product development, to HR, contracts, operations, and even US tax returns (🫠). I’m often in front of a camera being daft, or in very serious strategy meetings. I sometimes think of myself as a janitor, because I clean up a lot of sh*t and fix things as I go! 


I’m Andy, I’m essentially the creative brain behind AKT (with a touch of Ed of course). Everything you see has been pulled from my tiny mind and made into a reality. I’m forever proud of our team and what we’ve achieved.  


Hi, I’m the lead in-house designer at AKT London. My role encompasses everything from creating social and email assets to updating package designs and developing exciting new products. It's a fun and varied job that allows me to collaborate with team members across all departments. Together, we deliver engaging content and visuals that bring our brand to life.

Ed and Andy: An unbelievably creative guy who goes above and beyond to take what is in our heads and turn it into dream visuals and more!


Hieeee! As Front of House manager, I support our wonderful Front of House team to ensure all our customer interactions at AKT are the best they can possibly be. *death drop*

Ed and Andy: We struck gold with Aaron who has brought order and comfort to our team and AKT community. SUCH a nice guy too!


Hey hey, I'm Ben! As the marketing coordinator, I juggle everything from creating content to keeping the backend running smoothly. My mission? (to boots the house down) level up everything I touch.

Ed and Andy:  New to this industry but has stepped up week after week. Learning and DOING! Excited to see where this takes him. 


Hello. I’m Miranda Priestly Luke. I’m AKT’s Brand Executive and manage all of AKT’s partnerships. I'd love to go into the specifics of how my role requires elevating brand presence through innovative and impactful collaborations that amplify brand reach and revenue growth but I really don’t have time. Has anyone seen my assistant? That’s all.

Ed and Andy: Our fashionista who is not afraid to knock down doors, all in the name of AKT! 

“Celebrating our diversity will forever be a part of our DNA. We're proud and we’re confident. Most importantly we’re committed to creating a workplace where everyone feels valued and included.” Ed & Andy

Although there is still much work to be done, it's important to take a moment to recognise and celebrate how Pride is helping make a difference *every year*. Is not just about tolerance; it’s about respect, acknowledgment, and inclusion. 

At AKT, we’re excited to continue to champion other queer voices in the work we do. And as we continue to grow, we look forward to expanding our team with individuals who share our commitment to diversity and inclusion.

Written by AKT London