October 09, 23


Andy recently paid a visit to one of our brand collaborators, MASAJ, a massage therapy studio in Marylebone and had such a good experience he made the rest of the team at AKT London jealous! Read on to discover more about the wonderful work MASAJ does and the benefits of massage.

Photography: Amy Hunter

MASAJ is the contemporary brand designed to combat the negative effects of city living. A place to hold you; both at home and in their London studios. They are serious about change-making (just like AKT!) and champion originality, simplicity and quality. Their solution-focused approach is exactly why we knew we had to collaborate with them: we’re all about providing results.

Photography: Charles Mundy

Andy met with Ayanna, one of their team members, to learn more about tension release and the science behind it. He also experienced first-hand their passion for calm and relaxation.

Ayanna is a self-proclaimed “Queen of Chill” and she lives up to her title! She taught us about the areas that may be forgotten when trying to release tension: the chest and pec area and the backs of the arms. Warming up the muscles is key - you can’t just go in hell-for-leather straightaway! She focused on creating movement in the direction of the heart to increase blood flow and circulation.

Photography: Charles Mundy

Ultimately, she emphasised the importance of creating a mind and body experience. Massage is powerful but paired with a relaxed mindset it can transcend to new heights.

“I always say the metaphysical always mimics us in our day. If you’re feeling stagnant in your body you’ll feel more stagnant in life.”

Of course, it’s easier to have someone massage you while you unwind but self-massage can be a great way to reset in between appointments! Read our blog here on how to harness the power of self-massage and how to get the most out of your Applicator in this ritual.

Treat yourself and use the code AKTLDN10 on MASAJ’s website to get 10% off one of their treatment until the 31st of October.

The Applicator will be available for purchase at MASAJ from the 16th October.

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Written by AKT London