October 12, 23


Every day stress can weigh down on our system and worries can hold themselves as tension in our bodies. One way to combat this is through massage and lymphatic drainage. While they are both very different they serve the same purpose of revitalising our bodies and promoting a healthy constitution.

We recently spent some time with Ayanna at MASAJ in Marylebone who taught us about the difference between muscle massage and lymphatic drainage and how to use the Applicator to get the most out of your self-care ritual.


Ayanna from MASAJ taught us about always creating movement in the direction of the heart. Using the long, flat edge of your Applicator use pressure across the skin, activating the muscles below to release tension. 

Good areas to target are a downward motion on the sides of the neck to relieve headaches; across the chest and pecs to open the sternum (great for if you are sitting at a desk all day) and across the tops of the shoulders to ease stiffness.


Ayanna also discussed the lymphatic system. It’s a subsystem of the circulatory system and sits just under the skin. It helps to drain excess fluid from our bodies and aids in fighting infections. It also helps drain our system of toxins and produces white blood cells.

Lymph nodes can be found most prominently in the armpits, groin, neck and knees and can be stimulated by gentle massage. Much less pressure is needed for this kind of massage - since the system sits just beneath our top layer of skin only a light touch is needed, otherwise, you move into muscle massage.

She advises to use The Applicator, using minimal pressure, along the length of your arms, focusing on the underside. You can also use The Applicator’s blade across your chest and up into your neck where a lot of lymph nodes reside to promote drainage.

In any kind of self-massage, The Applicator comes into its own. You can use your little brass helper to apply your deodorant but also to provide whichever massage you feel you need. Its smooth design contours your body and provides the extra pressure when you need to go deeper.

Use long sweeping movements, always in the direction of the heart. You can focus on areas that need attention by using shorter, focussed strokes. It will also save your hands from needing their own massage when you’ve finished!

Just make sure to clean The Applicator between uses properly.

If you’re interested in finding out more about Ayanna and MASAJ you can read our blog about our recent visit here.


Written by AKT London